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Starbucks in the UK has a larger selection of herbal teas but the US is home to more iced coffees.

Gastroenterologists debunk myths about caffeine. They discuss whether it stunts your growth, is bad for you, and if it detoxes your body.

 Last year at this time I was newly retired and had time to bake all of these lovely treats for Valentine's Day. Not so this year, although I did manage some sugar cookie hearts for the children. A cousin of mine lives in Wales. Ironically,...

A Zisha teapot typically holds only about a cup of water, and just one can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Some perennial veggies provide natural fertilizer for themselves and nearby plant life. The same goes for herbs. Old and used tea bags provide nitrogen, tannic acid, and other components that help make a healthy growing environment. Read more...

We’ve all wondered as we carry a bunch of mostly-empty glasses and mugs from the workspace to the kitchen: What would happen if I dumped these in my pothos plant?Read more...

Even though I lived in Mississippi for the first portion of my childhood (and visited nearly every year after we moved to California), I did not grow up drinking sweet tea. My mom never cared for sugar—she drank water and, to a lesser extent, Diet...