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Shakespeare wuz ereShakespeare wuz ere

Life but not as we know it. Existing in Shakespeare's town - Stratford...

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Ms. Thurman says this political drama, by Beau Willimon, the creator of “House of Cards,” is contemporary, sharp and witty.

What could be funnier than abortion? Ok, yes, almost everything. Unfortunately, there are those who think it’s a good topic for comedy, like those behind Choice: The Musical! who are, I’m sure, delightful humans. With a logo featuring a...

Bea Arthur will always be the outspoken Maude Findlay. Betty White will always be the man-hungry Sue Ann Nivens.And I own every season of Designing Women on DVD - but no Golden Girls.Now I've come to realize - especially from Facebook - that most gay...

This play about the Middle East peace process, has had a jump in ticket sales since it won the Tony for best new play.

Advertisers are grappling with social media, increasingly polarized consumer groups and potential ills beyond sex, violence and crude language.

Ayad Akhtar’s “Junk” will begin previews at Lincoln Center in September.

It is no secret that Sunny Leone is wildly popular in India. The adult entertainment star, by virtue of her second innings in Bollywood, is not only the most searched personality on Google India, but also a rage-driver offline.  SEE ALSO: Video...