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"She's got nothin' on underneath" - Mike Rogo (Ernest Borgnine)"Just panties. What else do I need?" - Linda Rogo (Stella Stevens)And what else does one need from a musical parody of the classic 1972 disaster film, The Poseidon Adventure, but a show-s...

Mr. Corden, a musical theater enthusiast who won a Tony Award himself in 2012, will preside over the award ceremony on June 9 at Radio City Music Hall.

A grungy live music bar off Austin's 6th Street was the site of a stirring Shakespeare performance at South by Southwest on Sunday. "All the world's a stage..." began the actor, perched on a leafy pedestal. He was about a foot tall...

If you aren't already familiar with Be More Chill, a Broadway musical that opened Sunday, it's likely a teen in your life can clue you in. The show, adapted from the YA novel by Ned Vizzini about an anxious high schooler who takes a pill to become po...

A filing seeking arbitration says the estate allowed eight theaters around the United States to stage “To Kill a Mockingbird,” then flip-flopped at the last minute.

His DRG label specialized in the American songbook, cast albums and artists like Barbara Cook.

Facing criticism for making regional theaters cancel productions of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Scott Rudin said he would let them go on, using the new Aaron Sorkin script.