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A new estimate says the record summer heat in Texas cost the state's economy $24 billion due to people staying home or avoiding the state.

After the devastating Maui fires, business owners and activists are torn over needing tourism to help the economy and asking people to be cautious.

Coconut's Fish Cafe owner Michael Phillips says "Maui is in mourning," but that the island needs tourists to return.

After the devastating fires that destroyed the town of Lahaina and killed over 100 people, wealthy tourists staying in undamaged areas of Maui are continuing to demand activities while recovery efforts are underway. This BBC article contrasts the...

Dan Schacter leads branding and engagement for the hotels widely rumored to be the setting of the next season of the hit HBO series "The White Lotus."...

Here's a list of five locations with can't-miss alien attractions, from Roswell, New Mexico to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

It can be hard to relax and genuinely enjoy yourself on a vacation that you know you can’t afford. Splurging on a bucket list trip is one thing, but the costs of the average solo, family, or group getaway also add up quickly, and can end up being a...