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Thanks to Jezebel for bringing my attention to the madness that is Political Tours, a travel company that sells to foreign lands where tourists can gawk at other peoples' messed up electoral processes. From the company's website: Political Tours i...

The Bud and Breakfast is taking off as more people are booking marijuana friendly vacation rentals when they travel to places where its legal.

See what it's like working in the world's northernmost town, where you can't give birth, bury the dead, own a cat, or drink over 24 beers a month.

In recent years, Rome has banned eating and drinking near its fountains in order to promote "urban decorum" and preserve historical sites.

The European Union allows for borderless travel in the Schengen area as long as tourists hold valid visas issued by any member state.

When it comes to your hard-earned vacation, a rental property can make or break the trip. For example, you might get lucky, and end up booking a place that is even nicer in real life than it is in the listing photos. Read more...

I try hard not to take the dreaded red-eye flight. Not only is it a miserable way to get a few hours of fitful sleep, but it also puts me at my destination well before I have access to a real bed. Hotels and short-term rentals usually have afternoon...