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From the land of Arabian Nights, comes a story teller of a partially differ...

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A personal blog with no set subject matter.

My Boots n MeMy Boots n Me

Travel information on sights and sites around Vancouver, BC Canada, as well...

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A photography blog from a photography student in Vancouver, BC.

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blogging from Vancouver since early 2005


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More news on the Chinese crackdown on money-laundering and its impact on the global property bubble: the controls the Chinese government has put on "capital outflows" (taking money out of China) are actually working, and there's been a mass exodus of...

A Vancouver artist was tired of men telling her to smile. So she decided to do something about it.  Last week, a group show called "Strong Female Character" started at the Hot Art Wet City gallery. It features the art of Mandy Tsung, who started...

For those that missed No Filter on December 26th (Boxing Day). Early Happy New Years Eve everyone! I was counting down my Top 20 Canadian Albums of 2016. Joining me in the studio was James from Mixtape Session. Lots of talking and tracks from the Top...

Here are the best of 2016 Canadian albums. Starting from #11 to #20.

Finally it is time to reveal the Top 10 Canadian albums of 2016. Enjoy and see what great albums will come out in 2017...

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is the best of 2016 Canadian albums from #21 to #30. On Boxing Day, I am going to reveal the Top 20 on No Filter from 3-5pm.

I’m just keep it going. Here is the best of 2016 Canadian albums from #31 – #40.