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War, history, and science in a fractured world. A hopefully educated and ob...

A Passion to UnderstandA Passion to Understand

A passionate view of world events and a desire to understand why

Your New RealityYour New Reality

There are so many kinds of reality, it's hard to keep track. Let me he...

Unforgivable Hell on EarthUnforgivable Hell on Earth

Blog about genocide, poverty, injustice,

The Menso Guide to War, Conflict and World IssuesThe Menso Guide to War, Conflict and World Issues

Analysis of conflicts that lead to violence, with emphasis on the Middle Ea...


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"An episode after the Battle of Zonnebeke." This image is a composite scene created from multiple negatives.Image: Frank Hurley/State Library of New South WalesJames Francis “Frank” Hurley was 30 years old when he joined the Australian Im...

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