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War, history, and science in a fractured world. A hopefully educated and ob...

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There are so many kinds of reality, it's hard to keep track. Let me he...

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Analysis of conflicts that lead to violence, with emphasis on the Middle Ea...

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The longest war in U.S. history drags on -- the war in Afghanistan. And there's no evidence that it will get any better anytime soon, or ever end. Donald Trump seems to have given up on it, and obviously has no ideas on how to win that war. We know t...

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by archivistThe Rebel’s High PriestOn this day of June 23, 1780, an American Revolutionary Battle took place in Springfield, New Jersey.  Ordinarily we might think that this has no place in a historical devotional, but it d...

An Islamic icon is now a pile of rubble The post Historic Mosque Destroyed as ISIS Flees Mosul appeared first on RedState.

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but sometimes it's not The post Mysteries Abound in the USS Fitzgerald Collision (VIDEO) appeared first on RedState.