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You can say stuff like this if you aren't being stabbed by an Islamic terroristThe post You Won’t Believe What This Liberal Gasbag Had To Say About The Police At Ohio State appeared first on RedState.

It has been well covered as to why retired Army General David Petraeus should not be appointed as Secretary of State based on his pleading guilty to mishandling classified information. After all, the GOP and others have been excoriating former Secret...

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Starting wars to win debating points is a deadly pastime... for othersThe post BREAKING. First American Soldier Killed In Obama’s War In Syria appeared first on RedState.

If these are the people who are upset, you are definitely doing something rightThe post Guess Who Is Upset By Donald Trump’s National Security Team appeared first on RedState.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8CNWbqmhDw&feature=youtu.be We interrupt your growing anxiety at America's emergent cyberpunk dystopia for a tense missive from the Syrian War. In this video, an explosive-laden suicide truck bears down on a positi...

I am a combat veteran.  I served for twelve years total in both the Marines and the U.S. Army defending my nation.  I deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006.  I came home with a TBI (brain damage) and PTSD from the constant shelling of the base. The TBI w...