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The last male white Rhino in the world has died at 45 years of age. The rhino, named Sudan, had been suffering from age-related ill-health for some time, according to AFP. During the 1970s and 1980s the white rhino was damn near wiped out in Af...

A few days ago, Donald Trump announced that he would be imposing a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum. This kicked off fears among those in both political parties that the action would kick off a trade war, with other...

The tweet above by Donald Trump is in response to the backlash on his decision to kick off a trade war. On Thursday, he announced that he would be imposing a 25% tariff on foreign steel entering the United States and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum.

(This image of Russian "mercenaries" is by Vasily Maximov / APF / Getty images.)Things are starting to get very scary in Syria. The American public, thanks to lies from the Trump administration, is under the impression that Russia and the United Stat...

Trudeau's response is nothing short of an argument against hard leftist policies. The post Watch: Canadian Wounded Warrior Grills Trudeau About Treating ISIS Members With Respect While Abandoning Its Veterans appeared first on RedState.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists.THEN……1992 World Scientists' Warning to HumanityScientist Statement: World Scientists' Warning to Humanity (1992) (PDF document)Some 1,700 of the world's leading scientists, including the majority...

Some tools kill Russians, some tools are guests on CNN The post President Trump Shows He’s a Russian Asset by Sending Lethal Aid to Ukraine appeared first on RedState.