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Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton are beating the drums of war against Iran. They call Iran a "bad actor" and a supporter of terrorism. They would have you believe that the danger posed to the United States from terrorism is due to Iranian i...

Is Donald Trump planning to attack Iran? It is certainly starting to look like he is -- and one or more attacks on that country could easily degenerate into an all-out war. Consider the following.FACTS* Donald Trump, in the past, accused President Ob...

the OrangeManBad crowd befouls itself The post President Trump Plans More Pardons of Soldiers Convicted of War Crimes and He Is Right to Do So appeared first on RedState.

Scene during the Iran/Iraq War. Photographer unknown, public domain image. I was writing a lovely post involving tanks and Hitler, can’t go wrong with that combination, but realized there is a topic in the news I have been sidestepping around. Two...

Women in Afghanistan could be in real danger. The post Obama’s Defense Secretary: If U.S. Withdraws from Afghanistan, There’s a ‘Real Risk’ the Taliban Will Take Over appeared first on RedState.

Anyone else getting Iraq déjà vu?

Image credit and copyright: SDASM Archives, Public Domain under US copyright law. By summer 1944 Hitler’s Nazi Germany was in trouble. Big trouble. The Western Allies had landed in France, the Russians were rolling inexorably towards Berlin, and th...