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Jim Hoft’s unreliable Gateway Pundit blog took some time this past weekend to publish their outrage against me and RedState as a whole. Why? Because I have recently called Hoft and his site out for not only being sensationalist, but also for...

The effort calls for, among other things, the company to forge deeper ties with news organizations by collaborating on publishing tools and features before they are released.

All the fake news that is fit to print The post Washington Post Runs Fake News Story On Power Grid Hacking appeared first on RedState.

Often used to describe a far-right, white nationalist movement and criticized by some as euphemizing extreme views, the label has emerged as a linguistic flash point.

To celebrate the culmination of the race between a woman and a man who once said being famous allowed him to grab women “by the pussy,” the Washington Post hired a woman to wear a dress made out of napkins for guests to grab by the handful.Read m...

Plunging print ad sales and an explosion of online outlets spreading inaccurate information threaten to diminish, and in some cases extinguish, the impact of traditional media companies.

A group of political science eggheads from Yale University and Koç University (in Istanbul)  have published a “study” in the Washington Post which claims to show how wildly uninformed Donald Trump supporters are compared to Hillary C...