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Often used to describe a far-right, white nationalist movement and criticized by some as euphemizing extreme views, the label has emerged as a linguistic flash point.

To celebrate the culmination of the race between a woman and a man who once said being famous allowed him to grab women “by the pussy,” the Washington Post hired a woman to wear a dress made out of napkins for guests to grab by the handful.Read m...

Plunging print ad sales and an explosion of online outlets spreading inaccurate information threaten to diminish, and in some cases extinguish, the impact of traditional media companies.

A group of political science eggheads from Yale University and Koç University (in Istanbul)  have published a “study” in the Washington Post which claims to show how wildly uninformed Donald Trump supporters are compared to Hillary C...

Perhaps no reporter has done so much to hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire regarding his con-artist promises than David Farenthold of the Washington Post. Remember when Trump ran crying like a baby from the Iowa debate with Megyn Kelly in the...

This longstanding lie of the pro-aborts has now been debunkedThe post Will Wonders Never Cease. Washington Post Demolishes A Pro-Abort Lie appeared first on RedState.

The terms of his departure are not known but he is believed to have left the network with a large settlement. He is free to seek a position elsewhere.