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As long as it is YOU getting killed what do I care?The post Washington Post: Hey, If A Few Of You Get Killed By Terrorists That’s Too Bad appeared first on RedState.

Look! Over there! Squirrel!!The post Trump Campaign Issues A Non-Denial On Trump Foundation Fraud appeared first on RedState.

The Washington Post's editorial board has published a piece that tries to convince us as Americans that we are way too focused on Hillary's email server and that all the outrage is blown entirely out of proportion.  In this piece, there is a string...

Charity begins at Mar-e-LagoThe post CONFIRMED. Donald Trump Has Given $0 Of His Personal Funds To Charity appeared first on RedState.

Charity begins at home... with other people's moneyThe post Donald Trump Is Very Generous With Other People’s Money appeared first on RedState.

In an editorial for the Washington Post, Republican Senator Susan Collins has detailed why she refuses to vote for nominee and self-tanner soaked whoopee cushion Donald Trump.Read more...

If Roger Ailes has at times reminded you of a depraved, wizened Roger Sterling, don’t worry you are not alone.Read more...