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Journalists gathered in Orlando, Fla., last week to share best practices for investigative journalism and forge solidarity among news organizations.

Upfront warning. If you follow this person on Twitter you know she makes Alex Jones, John Schindler, and Louise Mensch look totally sane and rational. She served a grand total of three years in the FBI, including her time in training at Quantico, whi...

Reporting on sexual harassment — including the predations of the film mogul Harvey Weinstein — was recognized by the Pulitzer board. The New York Times won in three categories.

The prizes encompassed, among other topics, stories of abuse in the workplace; construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall; and a profile of Dylann Roof, who was charged with killing several people in a Charleston, S.C., church.

The president calls the paper, which is owned by Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, “a lobbyist weapon,” among other things. “There isn’t anybody here who is paid by Amazon,” the editor, Martin Baron, said.

Mr. Getler was a former reporter and high-ranking editor who became the first internal monitor of an American TV network when he joined PBS in 2005.

unexpected and admirable The post AMAZING. Washington Post Takes Michael Wolff to the Woodshed Over His Slander of Nikki Haley appeared first on RedState.