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I'm shocked! The post The Exit Polls Are in From the Russian Election, and You’ll Never Guess Who Won appeared first on RedState.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned Wednesday after both of his ex-wives accused him of domestic abuse. Both women reportedly spoke to the FBI as part of Porter’s background check and told the bureau Porter had abused them. The Dail...

On Tuesday, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) defended a former staffer—Rob Porter, the Trump White House’s staff secretary—accused of domestic abuse. On Wednesday afternoon, he walked back his defense. But on Wednesday night, after Porter resigned,...

This is just the latest departure from the White House. The post Why Did the White House Try to Keep a Wife-Beater on Staff? appeared first on RedState.

When speaking to a nation be sure you do not refer to said nation, or risk being triggering. The post ACLU Claims Trump Said WHAT Word Too Much in the SOTU?! appeared first on RedState.

that was in English at no more than eighth grade level so I'm sure it was understood The post John Kelly Has Choice Words for the High School Teacher Who Called Military Members “A Bunch of Dumb S***s” appeared first on RedState.

this sounds pretty damned definitive The post John Kelly: Memo Release Is Imminent appeared first on RedState.