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A blog about horses, equestrian sports (especially dressage), horse people, and horse news.

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Or, I could buy a used t-shirt from EbayAt the start of the new year, I was looking for some new personal goals. Running 5Ks was fun, but while my times were middle-of-the-pack, faster times did not seem that wise for a 55-year-old. Injuries come wit...

"Everything she says is true."You know how sometimes when you get over one hurdle, other things fall into place?It happened. And I think I'm riding better.And to bring on this epiphany, my trainer only had to repeat the key advice for 3-4 years, prob...

A POTUS without a soul

on May 20, 2017

A horsie tie-in to our POTUS, again showing us who he is, as he has since he started campaigning. Read Donald Trump's lone foray into horse racing.  An old story, with many witnesses no longer living, but it aligns with what he shows himsel...

A post-Rolex Post

on May 14, 2017

Bob and I doing a coursewalk and tree identification. If there are any of you left out there, I still plan to post when I have time. Bob and I went to Rolex, the weather was great and we had a BLAST.I learned things! Things I didn't know...The K...

A dubious honor indeed! Love Boyd's reaction, I guess he's been through worse. Glad everyone is okay. I don't know if I'll ever clinic again. It's worse than showing if you're having a bad day...

Have you ever seen a gray horse that is so beautifully groomed their sheen actually seems iridescent? I have, at Dressage at Devon. Ever since then, I've fantasized about a horse grooming spray a la Showsheen that leaves an iridescent sheen. There is...

on Mar 5, 2017

BlackJakRefinery has some very cool browbands.  I just may order this one for RiRi. At $85 it's a great deal, and I just think it is stunning. My one hesitation is that Riley is not really the spikey type.  But the color is great, maybe he...

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