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A blog about horses, equestrian sports (especially dressage), horse people, and horse news.

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Excuses, excuses.

on Sep 25, 2016

Me at work I hope to resume posting more often -- I had been posting daily since some crazy date like 2006?  With Harv gone, and Ri for sale (at one point), I think I had less to blog horse-wise. I will get some video of Ri-Ri up at some po...

Posted to Facebook: "Laura is a beautiful filly with a look at me attitude, quality gaits, by DHH Stallion Graaf Kelly. Located in PA, OTHERS AVAIL. 646-761-6541 -- love the little bit of white on the stifle.

Anyhoo. Keeping Ri

on Sep 19, 2016

There are many horror stories about buying and selling horses. For the most part I encountered normal folks, nice folks, and if it was not exactly "fun" it was not miserable either.We've all read Black Beauty and we know how quickly a horse...

Hi All, I've been AWOL for a bit -- thought I'd let you know that EVERYTHING'S FINE! It's been a great summer with a lot of non-horsey goings-on, and time for blogging just slipped through my hands.The "big" news is that Ri is off the market (has bee...

Those of you who have SEEN FFJ are wondering what the heck they missed. A dressage moment in Florence Foster Jenkins?Not strictly dressage maybe, but a statement that I loved -- it came at the very, very end, when FFJ (Meryl Streep) is gravely ill an...

Speaking of saddles...

on Aug 20, 2016

I didn't follow the Olympics much but did see Nick Skelton's Gold-medal show jumping ride on Facebook. He's a sixty-ish?-year-old Brit with a metal plate in his hip and a lot of injuries, including a broken neck that led him to retire once. He came b...

My Verhan Odyssey is for sale -- a great saddle, beautiful leather (Buffalo I think), 18" seat, Medium-Wide, absolutely beautiful condition -- asking $1800.It's a comfy-to-sit saddle and seems to fit a lot of horses. The saddle was almost new when I...

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