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A blog about horses, equestrian sports (especially dressage), horse people, and horse news.

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If dressage was cancelled, team eventing did not disappoint. These guys were hell for leather! In the second round, here was the winning ride. Amazing comeback at the two-minute mark.


Riley's new bonnet

on Jul 18, 2017

Loving Riley's new ear bonnet from Elegant Reflections, too Custom Fly Bonnets (also see Etsy shop). She has gorgeous samples and does custom work. We emailed each other for about an hour, discussing colors, design, crystals. I ordered it o...

I didn't buy this awesome patriotic bonnet from Elegant Reflections  but isn't it stunning (check out the Etsy shop too)? I love the red/white/blue bonnet but ordered a custom scalloped version in "Riley Colors" (see the second bonnet below...

Riley's cribbing habit generally it has not been a big deal for me, but for his sake I wish he didn't. He doesn't react when I put it on, so maybe it doesn't bother him.Even so, I've always bought thick sheepskin covers for his collar. They really do...

Or, I could buy a used t-shirt from EbayAt the start of the new year, I was looking for some new personal goals. Running 5Ks was fun, but while my times were middle-of-the-pack, faster times did not seem that wise for a 55-year-old. Injuries come wit...

"Everything she says is true."You know how sometimes when you get over one hurdle, other things fall into place?It happened. And I think I'm riding better.And to bring on this epiphany, my trainer only had to repeat the key advice for 3-4 years, prob...

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