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UK and international poet Roger N Taber shares his thoughts & poems on ...

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As my personal blog does now, PMW will feature a creative fusion of the hot...

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A place for me to show off my artwork, and my poetry and thoughts.

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Focused on baby boomers who want to leave a better world for those who foll...

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Poetry blog featuring the writing of Chris Steven Young.

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Lovely, enchanting & a place of solace. Come & see!


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By The Truth About Lies on Nov 29, 2015 in: poetry

The Office PartyILooking in at them: people out of context, in violent relation toeach other…IIunderage drinkers, stereotypes…III…and nobody noticesthe silent Outsiderin his little bubblefloating just out of reach. IVAlter Egos and Subconscious...


By The Truth About Lies on Nov 26, 2015 in: poetry

Silent WitnessShe did not offer me anynor did I expect her toknowing it was her last. Quickly I became awareof my mouth filling withclichés and platitudestill I felt sick. But I forced myself to swallowand the truth nearly choked me. 28 September 19...


By The Truth About Lies on Nov 22, 2015 in: poetry

A Familiar PainWe were broken but found each other. Our cuts healed over andour bones knitted together. I thought we were one. But it seems I was wrong: you need your freedom backand in trying to pull awayold wounds are re-openedand memories re-kindl...

Nouse reviews the University of York's performances of  Lucy Gough's Wuthering Heights:So something has to give when you compress a long, nuanced novel into a stage play, and unfortunately, Gough’s adaptation didn’t just condense but me...


By The Truth About Lies on Nov 18, 2015 in: poetry

A ReprieveSuddenly tranquillity –floating after drowning –caught between realitiesin the bitter waters ofunrealized dreams and private fears, fighting the urge to panic. Panting with fear –now you're there –where you thought you wanted to be.

A few days ago took place in Tallinn, Estonia a very Brontë-related concert. A cycle of nine songs inspired by Emily Brontë poems:Lageda Laulud (Moorland Elegies)Composer: Tõnu KõrvitsTallinna Jaani kirik31.10.2015Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerko...

Extraordinary news from the Brontë Society:The Brontë Society is delighted to announce it has secured funds to acquire Mrs Brontë’s copy of Robert Southey’s ‘The Remains of Henry Kirke White’ which contains unpublished manuscripts by Charl...