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Poetry and Flash Fiction by L. Michelle Harris

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Lovely, enchanting & a place of solace. Come & see!

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Poetry blog featuring the writing of Chris Steven Young.

The Centre of the WorldThe Centre of the World

A collection of photos and found items combined with literature and poetry ...

Real Life. Real Perspectives.Real Life. Real Perspectives.

As my personal blog does now, PMW will feature a creative fusion of the hot...

Embodiedspace: Traces on the Anthropocenic ShoreEmbodiedspace: Traces on the Anthropocenic Shore

Geography, geographic imagination, place, culture, social sciences, politic...

Satisfacciones de esclavoSatisfacciones de esclavo

Aproximaciones a esa forma de proporcionarse placer que es la literatura y ...


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By The Truth About Lies on Jul 1, 2015 in: poetry

EmpathyThe man with the strange namepassed her bythinking strange thoughtsin a stranger's tongue. His dark clothes caught her eyefor a momentand then he was gone. A feeling came and wentbut she didn't know its nameand tried forgettingwhat she wouldn'...

Quite literally splattered with everything from seal poop to motor oil, my eyeglasses are frequently filthy. These packets help. Read the rest...


By The Truth About Lies on Jun 28, 2015 in: poetry

Itch of an Amputated LegI turned up the volumefor 'Waiting for the Man'. Sweat gathered in the furrows on the foreheadof the man pruning rosesand he squinted to see in our room. Mopping his browhe noticed the young Americanwho returned his smile and...

The Tripping Spriggan: An Anthology of Altered State Poetics has been published in conjunction with Breaking Convention: International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. The wonderful contributions that have gone to make... The post...

A recent poetry book containing a Brontë-related poem:The Poetry of Freddie Davis Noti and Naomi Davis Blackwell by Freddie Davis Noti and Naomi Davis BlackwellRoseDog Books (April 27, 2015)ISBN-13: 978-1480962064Sisters Freddie Davis Noti and...


By The Truth About Lies on Jun 24, 2015 in: marriage, poetry

A MarriageOne day he tried too hard and broke it. He patched it upand it still worked, though not as well. The wheels still went round. No one noticed any changetill one day it fell to piecesand they all wondered why. 27 June 1982 – 23 September 19...


By The Truth About Lies on Jun 21, 2015 in: poetry, pregnancy

The Circular LineHer breasts were large and heavy and they hurt herstanding, as she had done for half an hour, while the train drained of people. A side seat came freeand silently she slippedinto states of unconsciousness. No one thought to wake her.