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The adventures of an eternal tourist living and working in London

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Wholly pretentious, sentimental, often bland and above his station, this ph...

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My name is ffiona and I have run my own business, ffiona’s restaurant, fo...

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Snippets of life in London from an American expat, heaps of colourful photo...

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Exploration and adventure in London and beyond!


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Note the well dressed tourists in Bedlam The Rake’s Progress: Scene 8,  by William Hogarth, 1735  Sir John Soane’s Museum. Originally Bethlehem was founded in 1247 as the Priory of St Mary in Bishopsgate St, just outside t...

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A suspected thief robbed treasures from basement galleries and not on public display and sold items on eBay for a fraction of their value, reports said.

I've been a fan of Morph since I was a little girl and knew that I absolutely needed to visit Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London. It's been ages since I explored an art trail in London and what better excuse to meet up with some friends for a rathe...

Up to 40 tenants at a time were packed five people to a room with only two bathrooms to share and an unusable kitchen, the Brent Borough Council said.

The local council said officers found one of the tenants "living in a lean-to shack made out of pallets and tarpaulin with no lighting or heating."...