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A Nerd Goes to the MoviesA Nerd Goes to the Movies

I update three times a week. I review movies, do top ten lists, and have my...

little pink splotcheslittle pink splotches

if you love pink, relationships, women, writing, the philippines, filipinos...

Dan's Media DigestDan's Media Digest

A pop-culture entertainment blog featuring extensive reviews of UK/US telev...

Yo! MC: The NextJAM!Yo! MC: The NextJAM!

The personal blog of Mark Cerbo is about a mix of pop culture interest name...


Discussion on the best workplace environments, business practices, and empl...

Another Wine BlogAnother Wine Blog

Wine, beer, food and a lot of attitude.

The Sci-Fi GeneThe Sci-Fi Gene

Part research institute, part support group for those who, like me, enjoy t...


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