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Davidikus is the visual diary of an exile in London. It is solely a photobl...

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Original Article by TechSling Weblog: In recent times, most people would no longer need to have a professional camera or digital SLRs just to obtain … The post 8 Tips for Taking Instagram Photos Like a Pro first appeared on TechSling Weblog.

A Hard Rock and Metal night at Canadian Tire Centre on October 18th. Swedish rock masters, Ghost is on their Ultimate Tour Named Death loudly stopped in Ottawa. Opening up the show was Texas’ Nothing More. Started with some loud rocking music f...

Studio Sixty Six held their the opening reception of Christine Fitzgerald‘s Captive. Which features beautiful and emotional photographs of Parrots. About the exhibition: “Christine’s project about these coveted creatures. It is a me...

The winning image showcases “the humor and horror” of nature, the Natural History Museum in London said.

In taking portraits of the famous — Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery and Rudolf Nureyev among them — she made them relax. In war zones she was unflinching.

Google’s Pixel 4 is the newest example of how computational photography is driving the future of phone cameras.

New York City is often described as a concrete jungle consisting of massive buildings made of concrete, steel, and glass.Yes, parts of the city are very much like that. But not all of it.Also, people who have never visited New York quite often imagin...