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The Justice Department is investigating the concert giant Live Nation over its handling of ticket and venue negotiations.

Holi has become more inclusive of the Indian diaspora. Attendees at a celebration in NYC told Business Insider what the holiday means to them.

I'm a mom who loves her phone. I wish I could stare at it more; not less. That's why the AI Pin is useless to me. It could never replace my iPhone.

Colour Blind by DAWD @ Urban Art Collective The post Colour Blind by DAWD @ Urban Art Collective appeared first on PhotogMusic.

In 2022, homeownership for millennials has surpassed 50% for the first time.

The Tesla handbook says opening the car doors during a software update can damage the vehicle, prompting the driver to stay put.

A recent Gallup poll found that as Gen Z reaches adulthood, their happiness levels significantly decrease.