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Graphic and spatial designer in London who likes some technology stuff.

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Thoughts on technology and other topics from a photographer and IT guru, as...

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Your regular interface with dimension geek. Humorous spoof tech news.

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The best sports technology and equipment blog

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Blog about GIS, cartography and technology

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The personal blog of Mark Cerbo is about a mix of pop culture interest name...


In which someone you've never heard of writes about things you have no...


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A computer outage affecting registers forced Starbucks to give away free drinks Friday before closing stores early.

Homes with the accompanying tag of "smart" are often described as deploying devices that can tell the temperature and air quality as signals of the home's health status. What about residents' health status? A team from MIT believe that, as health-mon...

International travelers arriving at Chicago's O'Hare airport should find shorter lines at passport control thanks to a smartphone app.

Google was re-evaluating its user-edited online map system Friday after the latest embarrassing incident—an image of an Android mascot urinating on an Apple logo.

4D printing is unfolding as technology that takes 3D printing to an entirely new level.

When the Bullitt Center opened in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood two years ago, the six-story office building was hailed as one of the greenest on the planet.

The dream of a paperless society may need to be crumpled and tossed out due to the realities of American life.