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The personal blog of Mark Cerbo is about a mix of pop culture interest name...

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Nathanael Boehm on user experience design, social media and Government 2.0.


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Samsung has issued a statement about its new, folding phone as early photos of tech reviewers with their shiny new toys were replaced on social media (and in numerous columns) with complaints from those same tech reviewers about problems with the pho...

Investors have forked over $33 million in a new round of funding for Redox, hoping that the company can execute on its bid to serve as the link between healthcare providers and the technology companies bringing new digital services to market. The fin...

Just what we needed, said exactly no one.

* whether they deserve one or not...

'Scandals. Backstabbing. Resignations. Record profits. Time Bombs. In early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg set out to fix Facebook.' Welp. That didn't work. The May issue cover story of WIRED Magazine is a 12,000-word rip-snorting takedown of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data—maybe yours?—to crush rivals and aid allies, leaked documents show.

Yesterday in Yellowknife, the temperature was 7 °C warmer than the historic average.warmer/colder/total days : 57/42/105#ClimateChangeRightNow #ClimateAction — YK Climate Watch (@ykclimatewatch) April 15, 2019 Climate change is occurring at a...