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"They are death traps and need to be updated if not completely eradicated from the Marine Corps," a veteran injured in an AAV accident told Insider.

The Army recently said that "short, infrequent naps to restore wakefulness and promote performance." That's not news to US troops.

Automattic recognized in the definitive list of the Top 100 Private Cloud Companies in the World.

The US Army in collaboration with Command Sight, Inc. are developing augmented reality goggles for dogs. The idea is that the human handlers will be able to guide the dogs through visual indicators appearing on the goggles' screens. Meanwhile, the ha...

Exclusive: Calls supposed to be protected by attorney-client privilege were recorded and transcribed.

Analysts said the road-mobile, liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile appears to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Steve Steinberg—hacker, writer, father, and my dear friend—died yesterday. He was 50 years old. Several weeks ago, Steve had a terrible accident while riding the e-bike that he built himself. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and didn't recove...