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Whatever else the 2020s hold, it’s safe to assume these women will be a part of it. People won’t be able to ignore how women in tech are changing our world. The post 5 Women Tech Leaders Who Will Own the 2020s appeared first on ReadWrite.

Friday delivered us an amazing headline – containing an amazing quote. Tech Billionaire to Joe Rogan: ‘The Left Has Won the Culture Wars. Now They’re Just Driving Around Shooting Survivors’ Who is said Tech Billionaire?  Naval Ravikant:...

Filed under: Hyundai,Kia,Technology,Autonomous Kia is involved in the partnership, tooContinue reading Hyundai and Kia to invest in self-driving startup Aurora Hyundai and Kia to invest in self-driving startup Aurora originall...

Filed under: Toys/Games,Audi,Nissan,Emerging Technologies,Gadgets,Infotainment,Technology Lot's of automotive tech coming from CES Asia 2019.Continue reading Awake at the wheel: Automakers tap VR to banish boredom in autonomous cars...

By Jeremy Deaton Climate warriors like to imagine a future where electric cars put oil companies out of business. Firms would stop injecting known carcinogens into the ground to break up the layer of hard, shale rock hiding stores of fuel, and they...

We presume it can tell by the pixels.

Drones will help communities across the country save lives and deliver new services. DOT and the FAA will help ensure it’s all done safely, and that public privacy and security concerns are addressed.