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There are so many kinds of reality, it's hard to keep track. Let me he...

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Random thoughts and observations by former regional newspaper editor Michae...


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Helping conservatives become more effective online.

Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.

My personal passion has always been around the integration of different lea...


Nathanael Boehm on user experience design, social media and Government 2.0.


Personal blog of Richard Edmonds, some fantastic posts covering all topics ...


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With 2015 having just started, some would say it is way too early to make predictions as to where things are heading in terms of technology trends that will govern the business environment. After all, the technology scenery changes quite suddenly, an...

"Hi, Reddit. I'm Bill Gates..." Like Elon Musk, like Larry Ellison, like Larry Page, certain names draw immense numbers wanting to know what's on their mind, from barbecue-sauce tastes to actual work. A five-line comment earlier this week from Bill G...

Philipp Mattheis knew his gaming app was addictive when he realised he kept checking his phone—hooked by the brightly-coloured reminders telling him to play again or risk falling from the triple-figure level he had reached.

A Justice Department inspector general report is disputing allegations by former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson that the federal government secretly monitored her personal computer.

When Sebastian and I looked through the toy catalogue before Christmas he had one thing in mind that he wanted. A race track. We have two small race tracks that he’s tried using the past few years which work ok but he still needs help with them...

German automaker BMW says it has fixed a security flaw that made 2.2 million of its vehicles vulnerable to break-ins.

Online lodging operator Airbnb is expanding its efforts to collect local taxes, responding to complaints that it competes unfairly with the hotel sector.