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Integrating technology, organization, and people -- for TOP Management. In...

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In which someone you've never heard of writes about things you have no...

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Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.

My personal passion has always been around the integration of different lea...


Nathanael Boehm on user experience design, social media and Government 2.0.


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You can now use Google Assistant’s Family Broadcast feature to send messages to Android devices and iPhones using the Google Assistant app. Your family can then reply from their devices, creating a fun little back-and-forth that’s a lot more conv...

Friday's DarkSide attack took down a major oil pipeline. A cybersecurity expert said such ransomware attacks tend to target local governments.

How did Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut go last night? Not great, according to the plummeting valuation of Dogecoin, the literal cartoon billionaire’s personal favorite cryptocurrency. CNBC reports that the value of Dogecoin—a cr...

TeethTap is a new interface to control electronic devices by clicking your teeth together. Fortunately, it doesn't go in your mouth. Unfortunately, it's probably terrible for my TMJ. Detailed in a new technical paper by researchers at Cornell's Smart...

How does Twitch make money? And more importantly, what subtle psychology does it use to encourage viewers to spend more? Let's tear it down.

Long before the multimillion-dollar acquisitions and funding rounds pushed autonomous vehicles to the top of the hype cycle, Karl Iagnemma and Chris Urmson were researching and, later, developing the foundations of the technology. These pioneers —...

There’s a chorus of voices that say Apple should do more to guard everyone—Android and iOS users alike—against unwanted tracking and stalking. I agree with them, and the entire concept of the AirTag made me curious. Can you track the trackers?