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Illustration, design, family, life - this blog follows the isnpiration behi...

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This Ain't No Disco showcases the interiors of the world's best a...

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It's simple. We post exclusively on creative talent from Australasia i...

Michael Schlenzig's bla. bla. blog.Michael Schlenzig's bla. bla. blog.

The bla. bla. blog. is the daily log of Copenhagen based Art Director/Desig...

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Artist/Designer - Murray Elliot Breen, aka Surfthearts blogs on his Fine Ar...

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Think deep within and tell the world what you want, what you 'really&#...

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Design conferences serve as hubs for design professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and gain inspiration. Here are the top 10 to attend in 2024.

As an interior decorator, pedestal sinks, a black toilet, and floor-to-ceiling tiles are some design elements I would never have in my bathroom.

Private outdoor space is precious, especially in warmer months. Gardeners and interior designers want people to declutter to make the most of theirs.

According to experts, things like counter clutter, multiple bath mats, and air fresheners should be removed to make the room look and feel better.

From vertical blinds and futons to bare floors and empty bookshelves, here are some things an interior designer would never have in her living room.

A handful of small but potent changes to the Site Editor have improved the WordPress.com experience for both you and your visitors.

She created scenarios with myriad paths for Dungeons & Dragons, levels for video games like Quake II, and art that invited novices to try role-playing games.