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My blog blog is a journal of my creations, inspirations, some things I love...

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the art, science and politics of garden and landscape design

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Design led magazine supporting and promoting the best artists and makers in...

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Artist/Designer - Murray Elliot Breen, aka Surfthearts blogs on his Fine Ar...


A fashion, Style blog, keeping people up to date with latest trends, how to...

Michael Schlenzig's bla. bla. blog.Michael Schlenzig's bla. bla. blog.

The bla. bla. blog. is the daily log of Copenhagen based Art Director/Desig...

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Graphic and spatial designer in London who likes some technology stuff.


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Dicks on the Fall 2015 menswear runway at Rick Owens. Embarassing giggling aside, I think it speaks to larger social issues that reflect the uneasy state of gender relations in the digital age.

In the not to distant future of fashion, people with difficulties interpreting emotions - both their own (Autistic disorders) and that of others (those who are sight- or hearing-impaired) will have a scarf to help them figure feelings out.

Vinyl & PVC on the Haute Couture runway! Christian Dior's amazing designer, Raf Simons, dons his 60s boots, channels vintage David Bowie, and strides into the future of fashion.

WordPress.com's default theme for 2015 is the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

A solution to so many problems in a single design, this clever stationary bicycle does your laundry while you do your workout, a winning idea all around. For ...

Folding up for ease of transport, this portable micro-camper looks like a great way to trave by bikel while still sleeping comfortably, but can it deliver what ...

A cocaine sweatshirt to help you ride on in *high* fashion - while commenting ironically on the state of pop culture.