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Picking a movie to watch on Netflix is often pretty hard . What is on Netflix? taps into Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores to help you quickly find something good. Read more...

Everyday occurrences like watching TV become exponentially difficult for those with long-distance partners or friends around the world. Gaze allows you to virtually watch videos at the same time with other people and communicate through webcam.Read m...

For the period ended Sept. 30, the company reported net income of $11.9 million, an increase of 18 percent from $10 million in the same quarter a year earlier.

While many former studio heads fail when striking out on their own, Mr. Chernin has found success as an independent producer, with seven hits in a row.

Let us know what you would ask these best-selling authors.

Nine films will be released through mid-2019, and include the Black Panther — an African superhero — and Captain Marvel, featuring a superheroine.

LOS ANGELES — Carol Danvers — a.k.a. Captain Marvel — won't just be Marvel Studios' first woman to carry a superhero film. She can also kick all the boys' asses. That's right: Neither Iron Man, nor Captain America, nor Thor, not eve...