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Jason OlivaJason Oliva

An archive blog of International artist Jason Oliva's recent and past ...

A Quoi Ca Pense, Une Fee ?A Quoi Ca Pense, Une Fee ?

Personal blog of a rambling academic petrolhead and caffeine junkie


Mostly original poetry and prose, some photography. Lots of pondering.........

Michael GoreyMichael Gorey

Random thoughts and observations by former regional newspaper editor Michae...

Alice in ProgressAlice in Progress

A twenty-something college graduate tries to figure it all out, make it wor...

Jeffrey and Flora: Living in SingaporeJeffrey and Flora: Living in Singapore

We are a young couple from California living in Singapore with our two dogs...

The RamblingsThe Ramblings

Conversations about life, culture, ministry, ect. Ramble, rant, argue, d...


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Now I’m fighting back even harder.

This family trait may end with me — for an unexpected reason.


By RodneyOlsen.Net on Oct 25, 2016 in: Life, Faith

Are you getting ready for winter? Maybe summer? It could be Autumn or Spring depending on where you are and when you’re reading this post. I’m always amused when I get emails from companies telling me that winter’s almost here when we’re...

When I’m Running

By MTV Movies Blog on Oct 25, 2016 in: Life

It helps me fight the war that’s constantly going on between my brain and me.

Attacking an attack is only fighting fire with fire.

  Because we need happy dog photos right about now … I’ve been angry, and impatient, and judgmental, and unsettled all night. And I believe that this is bleed over from my separation from a group of people I cared for and supported,...

Now what?