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London based journalist. Collection of my articles for the BBC and elsewher...


A Montreal/Ottawa mp3 blog, focusing on great music. No crap.


This is a blog about happiness, dreams and anything cute and geek=)

Real Life. Real Perspectives.Real Life. Real Perspectives.

As my personal blog does now, PMW will feature a creative fusion of the hot...

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The blog of a Liverpool photographer working in the worlds of music, fashio...

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Modern composition, experimental music, the avant garde. Blogging the music...

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This blog is about the guitar, guitarists and guitar tone: guitars, effects...


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Lifelong passions

By BrontëBlog on Jul 3, 2022 in: Music

Antique Trader interviews Etsy shop owner Rosanna Nunan:Sara Jordan-Heintz: How did you get interested in the Victorian era?RN: I started getting interested in Victorian literature way back in middle school. I think the first Victorian novel I r...

Everything You Do is a Balloon is a track by Boards of Canada from their 1996 album Hi Scores. The music video uses footage from One Got Fat: a "deeply weird bicycle safety film with kids in monkey masks." It feels as if the bicycle safety film was m...

Aquakultre - Africvillean Funk (feat. Trobiz) [Listen] The post Aquakultre – Africvillean Funk (feat. Trobiz) [Listen] first appeared on PhotogMusic.

'OK Computer' at 25

By Gawker on Jul 2, 2022 in: culture, music

The Radiohead album still defies both its critics and admirers...

While The Eagles performed at the British Summertime festival in London's Hyde Park last week, a massive brawl broke out in the VIP section. Worse, it was during the song "Take It Easy." The Eagles kept right on playing. Apparently the VIP tickets co...

Momma wanted to be a 'Household Name,' so they emulated '90s greats like Nirvana, Liz Phair, and The Smashing Pumpkins. The result is a polished and unrestrained singalong sound on their latest album.

This week's Bop Shop entry features bangers from Lava La Rue, Raye, Dove Cameron, Kizz Daniel, Mark Clennon, and more.