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My Portis Wasp saysMy Portis Wasp says

My Portis Wasp says is a mixtape of Photography, Models, Film and TV Review...

take it to the chorustake it to the chorus

Sifting through the agonies and ecstacies of the music we call pop.

Scooter McGavin's 9th GreenScooter McGavin's 9th Green

Your one-stop place for music, TV, sports, and maybe some politics. So make...

Pond PerspectivePond Perspective

Follow the ponderings, triumphs and foibles of a single woman in Manila. A ...

The Unholy SeeThe Unholy See

Film and music recommendations for the unholy among us

Andy DangerfieldAndy Dangerfield

London based journalist. Collection of my articles for the BBC and elsewher...


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The writer and technologist spoke at a conference hosted by Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global and Universal Music.

Her Campus shares '10 Ways to Embrace the Autumn Spirit this October' including following BookTok recommendations.There are so many other options, too. Lots of books can be thrown into the fall category despite not being set in the fall. There’s so...

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The Mountain Goats recently released the third single, and music video—Murder at the 18th Street Garage—from their forthcoming album, Jenny from Thebes. Lead singer John Darnielle explains the song: Rather than being coy a...