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on Nov 11, 2013

so beautiful...

on Nov 10, 2013

i woke up drunk with the drake album blasting and i was too wasted to type the password into my computer.  i must've tried like 50 times. i started crying. "I JUST WANNA TURN DRAKE OFF!" i yelled this at nobody.


Truthfully... sometimes it's nice to just be home alone marinating in your own smells, not worrying about it too much. A thought: I have it all.  That stuff that I wanted. Yknow, the cute apartment.  The job.  The appropriate amount of...

on Sep 17, 2013

The good people in my life are still good.  They remain constant even when I fall short.  If I'm too depressed to pick up the phone 99 times in a row, they call me 100 times.  When I went to pay my PG&E bill this year I saw that my...

on Sep 4, 2013

that amazing person you know. with the winsome face.  that amazing person you know.  who accepts your flaws.  who forgives you every time (so far).  who knows you outside-in.

on Aug 17, 2013

Come over.  I'll clean my apartment, for you. I'm eating noodles alone for the nth time and I'm not too sure what brought me to this point.  When you're growing up the people around you want to help you create a vision: for college, a job.