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I'm an Aussie from downunder. A bit of life here and my knitting.

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I have ripped out the sock from the craftsy class.  Smocked guernsey was the name and you can see by the picture that I was coming down the foot of the first sock.  I loved the look of the finished sock in the pattern.It was particularly sl...

craftsy and more

on Feb 11, 2016

The countdown is on.  Just a few more weeks.   This is a very poor photo.  The sky was grey and the actual invitation is silver, almost verging on grey.  What started out to be something small now has around a hundred guests invit...

Two posts in a week! Still no knitting to speak of, but some yarn I bought has just cleared customs today, so hopefully the next post may have something to show.I have never though of myself as someone who grew African violets.  Mum was not a ga...

trying again

on Jan 26, 2016

I guess that the new year is as good a time as any to try again.  The last two years have been rough, very rough.  My energy has been sapped for various reasons and blogging was one thing I let slide.  Knitting was another.  Photo...

Mara and more

on Aug 28, 2015

After hours spent on the cast off with several hundred stitches, I finally finished the Mara shawl which is free on Ravelry.  The 2x2 rib is not as long as suggested in the pattern but I was concerned about enough wool to cast off.The double rib...

the new normal?

on Aug 14, 2015

The last few weeks here have not been good.  Miss M continues to make progress and that is good.  At the oncology clinic a couple of days ago the doctor pointed out to my son that many children have had three hospitalisations in the same ti...

head cold

on Jun 18, 2015

It is now two weeks since I realised my son had passed on his head cold to me.  Two weeks fairly well blanked out in a fog of stuffed head. I am finally beginning to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Son was affected as b...