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I'm an Aussie from downunder. A bit of life here and my knitting.

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what a week

on Nov 9, 2017 in: family

I missed last week and then had a hectic week so am posting now for this week and last.Some years ago one of my sons fell down concrete fire escape steps at work.  Two broken ankles and when he started to move we found there was a lot of damage...

I rarely fuss with coffee art but this question mark formed itself on top of my second cup of coffee this morning.  I am not at all sure of just what the actual question is.  There are several I could think of and and I have no ideas of the...

rain at last

on Oct 21, 2017

 In two months Sydney had only 2 mm of rain.  Shrubs and plants here were showing signs of stress.  The we had rain two days ago on Friday.  Forecast had promised it many times but nothing happened.  Further west towards Brok...

Padraig and friends

on Oct 13, 2017

 Perhaps a more hopeful and pleasant post than last week where I was rather down, to say the least.  Lots of family problems all pressed in at once.  I have done some more exercise, walking as much as I can, eaten well and early to bed...

some people

on Oct 7, 2017

Such an enormous car!  It needs two spaces.  Just look.  It is parked across the disabled space in front of McDs.   I saw this from my balcony so took a photo.  Bad enough to be across two spots but to park over the disabled...

Millie, Molly, Mandy

on Sep 30, 2017 in: weight loss

I distinctly remember the book called Milly, Molly,Mandy, being used as a supplementary reader when I was in second class.  I finished it in under the time allotted on one Friday afternoon for such activity when several weeks were set aside for...

purple surprise

on Sep 24, 2017 in: herbs

I missed my planned weekend entry, but here is something around a week since last post!  Amazing!This petunia was a happy surprise.  I planted the parsley next to it five weeks ago, no petunia at all then.  When watering on Saturday mo...