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Abaroa Released!

on Jan 2, 2018

Ladies, look out for this guy!OK, now I'm REALLY angry!  This article is the first I had heard of the case since he took an Alford plea in 2014.  He was SUPPOSED to serve 95 to 123 months.  That's approximately eight to ten years,...

Last year began on Sunday and that didn't work so well.  Is there some sort of reverse thing going on here?  After all, "The child that's born on the sabbath day is fair and bright and good and gay."  Didn't see a lot of those qualitie...

We're all familiar with the name Brock Turner, right?  The POS who was arrested, tried and convicted of raping an unconscious woman?  The one that resulted in a six month sentence (because prison would damage such a sensitive snowflake with...

The Humble Slip

on Nov 26, 2017

When I was young, women and girls wore slips under their dresses and skirts.  Here is a fine example.  The half-slip was also popular and quite acceptable.They were never supposed to show, but we all knew they were there.  In fact, we...

Damn, I'm old...Sometimes I feel even older, because my parents were old enough to be my grandparents, and their stories go back farther than most.These days, when people talk about The Good Old Days, they are usually referring to the mid 20th Centur...

The Ultimate Time Suck

on Oct 11, 2017

I used to write, frequently.  Before Facebook, I wrote almost every day, either here or on other blogs, and I spent time reading blogs.  Since, I've been hearing people say that blogs are dead.I am on Twitter, but rarely use it, except to t...

I went to a Catholic parochial school from halfway through 4th grade to almost the end of 7th.  My parents were C of E, but we lived out in the boonies and the Catholic school was within walking distance (barely) (down a logging road) and gettin...

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