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Reading Burnout

on Aug 22, 2022

 I saw a meme earlier (damned if I can find it now, of course), that mentioned something to the effect of "emotional support books," that would follow their owner to their grave without ever being read.A couple of years ago, I would not have und...

 Selena Mireya2 June at 22:55  · (edited to remove personal information)"The chicken soup in her thermos stayed hot all day while her body grew cold.She never had a chance to eat the baloney and cheese sandwich. I...

//More information continues to emerge about the events of Wednesday. They point to a broader conspiracy than it first appeared. Calls for Trump’s removal from office are growing. The Republican Party is tearing apart. Power in the nation is shifti...

New Reality

on Jul 29, 2020

Well hello there, Dearly Beloved!Are we having fun yet?At Camp Runamuck, we are (so far) (knock on wood), not showing any symptoms of Covid 19.  We are a mess, because nobody feels like cleaning.  The cupboards are groaning full of Eme...

The Accidental Hoarder

on Apr 12, 2020

So, after several expeditions to line up outside the grocery store an hour before they open, in order to lay hands on ONE 4-roll pkg of toilet paper, I've taken to buying one package whenever I'm in a store that's selling them.  My latest score:...

So we are still here, and still all right.  We haven't been evicted yet.  Power is still on, which is a Good Thing, because thence cometh air conditioning and Wifi.I venture out almost every day, which helps keep me sane.  Even if it's...

Copied from a Dan Hester’s post via his friend Lloyd.Copied from a private group:So I thought I would throw up a little history lesson for everyone on both sides of the political divide. I think it’s important that we understand the truth, especi...

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