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Study the Scriptures and literally believe

God over the traditions of men and religion. Watching the world heading rapidly into a New Word Order . The Body of Christ will be snatched up from the coming danger and made manifest with Christ Jesus.

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I started blogging about God and His Word in 2008, after I could find no one around me who wanted to discuss things like God and His Word. By going back in time in my blog posts you can actually see how I knew, and have grown on this subject. You can...

A Letter From Grampy

on Sep 8, 2014

A letter from Grampy,When I was a child, I thought like a child. As a child, I went about life care free. I played andlooked around me in ignorant bliss, without a care in the world. My brother and Iwere adopted, but I can still remember, clear as da...


on Aug 24, 2014

The story of Paul, leading right up to the Church Age today....Enjoy....

Formerly Mid Acts - NOW ACTS 28: Is the creation of 2Cor.5:17 and the new creature of Gals.6, the creation of the one new man found in Ephesians 2?

Mark Phillips added 3 new photos.3 mins ยท When did the Church begin?There are three main views as to when the Church which Christ is headBegan. Probably over 95 percent of believers are confused on this issue, and fail to rightly divi...

Rapture or Appearing

on Feb 23, 2014

Gathering Together Or Manifestation?These are the hopes respectively of the dispensation of promise and the mystery. The gathering together (some say rapture) concerns an earth people, who here on the earth expect the coming of the King. Among t...

With the dawning of the Day of Christ, there will be an unbelievable restoration  of all things.  During the Day of Christ, all mankind will be Spiritually Illuminated.            a. Ps...

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