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Noting that "the web was built specifically to share research papers amongst scientists," Josh Nicholson and Alberto Pepe report on the dismal state of the web for accessing the most-cited scientific papers across the literature -- 65 of the top 100...

Mich from ha.cking bought a $25 "S8 data line locator" device -- a cellular spying tool, disguised as a USB cable and marketed to the general public -- and did a teardown of the gadget, offering a glimpse into the world of "trickle down surveillance"...

This week on Maker Update: A Pi-powered Airplay boombox, the Hackaday Grand Prize winner, pinball with car parts, drying filament, and exploded diagrams. The Cool Tool is a LewanSoul Servo Tester.

Two leading European consumer groups -- the UK's Which? and Germany's Stiftung Warentest -- have published an advisory with the results of their lab tests on the security of kids' connected toys, warning that these toys are insecure and could allow...

Actor and former pro football player Terry Crews went on Good Morning America to share the story of how he was assaulted at a party by Adam Venit, head of the Motion Picture Department at William Morris Endeavor. From ABC News: Crews was with h...

Silicone stretch lids

on Nov 15, 2017

At my house, we've started storing leftovers in mason jars, glasses, and bowls. It's more convenient than buying separate food storage containers. To cover them, we use these silicone stretch lids. They even fit square shaped containers. Amazon has t...

Sharp eyed Massachusetts police officers spotted a man driving a car with a strange-looking license plate. After pulling him over for a closer look, they discovered the license plate was made from a cardboard pizza box and magic marker handwriting.

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