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Lots of news!

on Feb 24, 2017 in: Music

Much excitement chez Rambler this month as one major project reaches its conclusion and another begins. First, the conclusion: I am thrilled to announce (to those who aren’t already aware) that Music after the Fall is finally out, good and...

Still looking for something to do tomorrow evening? You could do much worse than get down to the funky Brixton East 1871 to see the Riot Ensemble’s first concert of 2017. The programme features an array of UK and world premieres by some outsta...

A little more on Eastman

on Feb 10, 2017 in: Music

The broadcast on Radio 3 of a live recording from the first day of LCMF’s Eastman weekend, available on iPlayer until 3rd March, offers the opportunity to reconsider Eastman’s Femenine, as given by Apartment House that December evening.

Holland Park tube was closing early, and for fear of being stranded I left early, just as Apartment House were beginning to crank up Eastman’s joyous, riff-infused Stay on it. (I read on Twitter that this was a cracker.) So my last piece of l...

Off to Holland Park for the first night of LCMF’s four-day Julius Eastman retrospective. There’s a biting cold in the air tonight, and the top deck of the bus is all steamed up. My chest is tight. I’m nervously excited about this gig. I’ve ad...

Edited by Rose Dodd. Ashgate/Routledge. Christopher Fox is one of the UK’s most widely admired composers. His students and friends within music are many; and all speak of him with great fondness. He has maintained for several decades now an origina...

Resilient Music

on Nov 14, 2016 in: Music

Listening to James Weeks’s recent CD Signs of Occupation (métier msv 28559) against the backdrop of the last few days, I find myself drawn to its sheer robustness as much as anything else. In sombre moments, I sometimes imagine what art, what mus...