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Modern composition, experimental music, the avant garde. Blogging the music that no one else will tell you about.

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Some recent writings

on Jul 6, 2020 in: Music, writing

Last autumn, I was fortunate to be asked – separately, but serendipitously – to write essays on five of my favourite artists: Apartment House, Chaya Czernowin, Evan Johnson, Liza Lim and Timothy McCormack,. Although I enjoy most writing, it’...

I’ve been meaning to put this one together for a long time, and now the time felt unavoidable. This weekend’s listening is an ordered collection of Anthony Braxton’s numbered compositions as far as I can find them on Spotify, from 1...

Restarting, tentatively

on Jun 8, 2020 in: Music

Slowly, live music, in front of live audiences, is beginning to return. In Denmark, critic Andrew Mellor jubilantly announced two weeks ago his first post-lockdown concert, and last night he watched the Royal Danish Opera give its first concert with...

Black Lives Matter

on Jun 6, 2020 in: Music

A playlist of listening for this weekend – and any weekend.

In light of my post some days ago on altered times and altered spaces, it feels appropriate to be listening to the music of John McGuire right now. I’m doing so in a work context, but the dynamic stasis that McGuire creates in, for example, his...

Last week I spoke to the members of Alinéa Ensemble (Tyler Bouque, Robbie Bui, Emma Burge, Alex Garde and Matthew Henson) as part of their forthcoming online festival, Everything But the Kitchen Sink, which will be running throughout summer. We chat...

Last month, the music series Music We’d Like to Hear was due to hold a concert in celebration of two other great institutions of the UK experimental music scene: the ensemble Apartment House, celebrating its 25th anniversary, and record label A...