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Meanderings of a Multi Media artist who paints, embroiders, crafts, yarnbombs, does textile graffiti, jafagirl team member, and runs a gallery in the local loo,

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STEPS  PRO Finger Sketch Paint to get down the initial drawing.  Put through  doubled exposure FUSED filter to get background image patterns/colours. Import to Procreate and tweak image, blend hair and lighten and darken as needed.

Sunday I went to the Yellow Springs Arts Council sketch crawl and  then took a wee break to blow a few bubbles at the bubblefest in town. Alas I can't take credit for these magnificent bubbles (just the photograph of them), mine were teeny one's...

Felt Food Experiment

on Aug 24, 2017

I got it into my head that I wanted to see if I could make a piece of craft felt look like a piece of toast. This led to pizza crust, and the challenge of making felt look like anchovies with the magic of paint and embroidery.  Ha Ha, A Pizza Wor...

Night Gladiola

on Aug 16, 2017

on a summers evening in Ohio...

Last month we had just driven out of the Prescott National Forest and were heading towards Phoenix when my eye caught something on the side of the road in Yarnell, Arizona and we stopped. It was a shrine on a sweet little stretch of a main street. I...

Big changes are coming and with all change there's an impact on my art practice. Given that the way I create is based on my experience of a place and what goes on around me there is no telling what direction my art will go. This aspect of change is...

Taking a Blog Break

on May 12, 2017

But  please do check in with my instagram account  or  my website  Will post updates here ongoing basis for art events or jafagirl projects  Cheers jafabrit...