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The purpose of this blog is to help clear-up much of the confusion that now exists concerning our Heavenly Father and the righteousness of all of His most awesome ways.

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I really hate to admit it, but I suppose Grayson ain’t as full of it as I thought he was.  For he said that remodeling [SiteHoundSniffs] was not going to take all that long, and considering just how much was changed, a little over two weeks is...


on Feb 12, 2017

When I first heard of Google rating whether a site was secure or not, I did not pay all that much attention, but then I started hearing more and more about it might not being a bad thing for [SiteHoundSniffs], I decided to get’r’done.If you do no...

This is my second attempt at producing a video ad for SiteHoundSniffs.  I think it is a little better than the first one, but Grayson says, “Just a little—not so much.”  Sigh.In regards to Super Bowl LI, since my beloved Cowboys did n...

A star is born?  Hardly.  Not that it is Grayson’s fault.  For as he loves to tell anyone within his considerably range, he has a seriously sorry lot to work with, which the quality of that first ad attempt clearly indicates.  M...

Rocks in the River

on Nov 27, 2016

Just go with the flow is a popular saying that sure sounds good if there is nothing but water to contend with, but what about the rocks in the river?  Some particular jagged ones I have smashed into while trying to go with the flow of managing [...

I have always taken rejection rather personally, and it especially hurts when being rejected by those who know me.  For almost everyone included in the first round of listings on [] were included in one of the editions of the...

After a year and a half of setbacks, the new site directory is finally up and open for business.  Well, not exactly.  For any business to be conducted will have to wait until enough traffic comes by.  Until then, everything [SiteHoundS...

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