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I am a stay at home mom of twins who, along with being a freelance writer/ghostwriter, I also make homemade cards, writing pens, rhinestone T-shirts, etc.

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  This Survival Hax Sleeping Pad - Self Inflating Sleep Mat is a great camping product to have on hand. I really like it. It comes in a a bag and once unrolled, it instantly inflates. If you want, you can blow more air into it, but it is not n...

I love painting and I was recently looking for some new brushes or various sizes. These The Art Chest paint brushes I found that come in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. These brushes are soft and all you have to do before using them is gently rub eac...

  This is a great little KitchenDeluxeSteamer set. I have been using it for about two weeks now. I love being able to make my veggies look appealing for my family to eat at dinnertime with the Julienne Veggie Peeler Slicer. I always wanted on...

Coffee, of I have more than one cup per day and I have it in various flavors and styles. When I began using this French Press Coffee Maker by Sumatra Dream, I just loved it. First of all, I like that it does not require electricity. Honestly, you...

These stereo earphones, Audiosharp AS1217, are really awesome. I have use these everyday when I am walking, doing things around my home or sometimes going to sleep at night. These earphones are great because they are small and fit great in my ears...

I am always looking for a big, soft and squishy shower/bath loofah. Well, recently I was asked to try out these amazing shower loofah's by this company, #showerbouquet. Let me tell you, I have never used a shower/bath loofah like this one. As I was o...

Okay, so not a lot of people use chalkboards anymore, but when they buy this type of chalkboard and see how they are able to cut it into sizes and shapes for their particular need, they will wonder what took so long for such a product to be created.

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