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on Apr 23, 2019

This fake Paypal text was sent to my phone: “Paypal security alert. Did you sign in from Doncaster, DNC, UK at 04.01 AM PDT, 23-Apr-2019? If yes reply 1. If no, reply 2.  Text and data rates apply”. How do I know it’s fake?  It do...

There is no such thing as “search engine registration”.  This is a relic from the days when the internet was new and you did have to submit your domain name in order for the search engines to find you. Life has moved on just a little (!!

This glorious piece of rubbish comes with a “clacking” clock.  Seriously though – for anyone who has actually been visiting p**n sites, emails like this could be frightening. Fortunately most people are unable to pay in bitcoin, bu...

Facebook Message Scam

on Oct 24, 2018

A fellow member of a small Facebook group received this message from someone who had recently joined the group.  It’s a variation on the classic email scam claiming to come from someone with a terminal illness who wants to send you their money...

Dance Basics are a legitimate company and have absolutely nothing to do with this scammer.  I suspect that their mailing list details have been hacked. The rest is rubbish.  You haven’t made a weekly payment to them (or anyone else whose list...


on Sep 23, 2018

Oh yes – brilliant way to introduce yourself.  Tell me you are dishonest, a liar and thief.  And then expect me to believe that you want to share $8.6m with me. Let me think about this………… ………….

Secure Account

on Sep 16, 2018

What a load of old rubbish.  Dear “User” – as in, this scammer has no idea who I am.  They very sweetly want to “Avoid Your Domain from being Deactivated from Our server”.  What domain???  Why would any domain that I...

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