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Dance Basics are a legitimate company and have absolutely nothing to do with this scammer.  I suspect that their mailing list details have been hacked. The rest is rubbish.  You haven’t made a weekly payment to them (or anyone else whose list...


on Sep 23, 2018

Oh yes – brilliant way to introduce yourself.  Tell me you are dishonest, a liar and thief.  And then expect me to believe that you want to share $8.6m with me. Let me think about this………… ………….

Secure Account

on Sep 16, 2018

What a load of old rubbish.  Dear “User” – as in, this scammer has no idea who I am.  They very sweetly want to “Avoid Your Domain from being Deactivated from Our server”.  What domain???  Why would any domain that I...

Fake ESTA sites

on Sep 15, 2018

What is an Esta? It stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation.  It is requirement for entry into the United States for citizens from certain countries who can apply for an ESTA instead of a Visa. How To Apply Apply through the official U...

This is a cut price bitcoin scammer.  The last one wanted 399$ in bitcoin See Here.  Sometimes these scammers use a username or an old password they’ve found for you from a hacked list.  This one seems to have purchased a dodgy list –...

Free pulse oximeter

on Aug 15, 2018

I received this message in my “Filtered messages” folder on Facebook: Free pulse oximeter for my UK friends, ur best personal health monitor or carer. We will full refund after shipped by pp, so if you buy it , maybe you could receive ref...

Scam HMRC Phone Call

on Jul 27, 2018

I just received a phone call from 0161 818 7299.  It was a recorded message, claiming to be from HMRC.  Obviously it wasn’t.  It was a recorded message, not a person.  I was told that I should contact my solicitor and phone them back immedi...

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