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This is NOT a charity.  It is an illegal pyramid scheme.  Your “donation” is not being given to charity, it is being given back to other suckers who paid in – and that’s assuming that draws are ever held. The “prizes&#...


on Feb 22, 2017

I you click on “reply” to this email – look who it is really going to – This email did NOT come fr...

Wowcher, Groupon

on Feb 20, 2017

For some time I’ve noticed that the, so called, bargains promoted on sites such as Wowcher and Groupon are often anything but bargains. If you are tempted, do your research.  The prices they claim to be discounted from are often fake. A few mo...

Ooh look, I have to appear in court.  No mention of which court, or why. NEVER open a .zip attachment unless you are 100% certain that you are expecting someone to send you a file in that format.  They almost invariably contain a trojan or other ma...

We need your help!

on Feb 8, 2017

It seems PayPal need my help.  Or do they? ALL real emails from Paypal include your full, registered name.  This one doesn’t even try to use my name. If you click on the link it takes you to

Support Help Desk.

on Feb 6, 2017

Be ware of this scammer who wants your email username and password.  The email claims to come from “Support Help Desk”.  Which help desk?  Whose support? Ever curious, my friend Roger the Rabbit opened the attached .pdf file and follow...

It never ceases to amaze me how much spare money there is floating around in the Bank of Nigeria.  The country must be mega rich.  It’s inhabitants must all be millionaires. Or maybe not. Perhaps this idiot is just another scammer who, for so...

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