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Don’t open the attachment to this – it almost certainly contains malware.  This scammer doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t say which company they represent or what they are paying you for. Just delete this email. If you accide...

You’d think that a company to whom you owe money might know your name, rather than resorting to addressing you as “Dear Valued Customer”. The domain name associated with the email address that this was sent from – ac ...

Dear Winner!

on Oct 16, 2017

Yeah, right.  Obviously a Canadian lottery is going to randomly email and use a Brazilian email and a “fun, free email address” from Freeola  (direct quote from their website) for you to reply to. No organise anywhere ever holds random...

RE: P.O No.4031450122

on Oct 16, 2017

I didn’t even try to open the attached file, which probably contains a Trojan and may not even be openable. I’ve omited the web address and phone numbers from the bottom of this email, as I suspect they relate to a legitimate business tha...

Please Read

on Oct 5, 2017

Look at how my “dear friend” signs her email – “your in vineyard”.  I suspect she might have been more than a little tipsy on the produce from this vineyard when she wrote. She also sent this to “undisclosed recip...

Usually when I’m phone by the no fault accident scammers they have a strong India/Asian accent. But I’ve just be phoned by a lady with a very English sounding accent.  She claims the address she was phoning from is in Norbury Cross sw16...

New BT Online bill

on Oct 2, 2017

Goodness me – I’ve had two “new BT Online Bill” emails today.  The first was for £257.90 and the second was for £179.02.  Both claim to be from BT Business. I don’t have an account with BT – that’s the fi...

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