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on May 8, 2021 in: Reviews, Video Games

Grand Theft Auto VSingle Player, PC (Windows, Linux Steam/ Proton), 2015 GTA 5 was released for PC after 2 years of “exclusivity” on Xbox and 1 year on PS. It is one of the most sold PC games of all time, and even after 6 years, Steam cha...

In this 5th part of an ongoing series, we look at Dynamic Super Resolution (beyond 1080p gaming on a budget), and Vertical Sync settings for NVIDIA graphics cards on Linux. Though it does not matter, the below settings were tested on Manjaro Linux (w...

Disclaimer: The word “developers” are used in the context of game publishers, not the actual devs that code up the game. It is more about the generals than the footsoldiers. Lets start this rant with a quote from one of my previous post:...

Grind Apocalypse

on Nov 29, 2020 in: Reviews, Video Games

Dying Light (Single Player, 2015) PC (Linux – Steam/ Proton, Windows) Open World games have been a revelation. The option of “freedom” to the player to do whatever he likes however he wants, has always been a bait that gamers from t...

Continued from prev post… When review sites sprouted like mushrooms, to reduce the confusion the meta-review site “MetaCritic” became popular. This site would give an aggregated score of reviews by various mushroom sites. The idea w...

20 years back, magazines like PC Gamer or Digit (India) would publish review of some latest games, along with a complimentary disc having game demos. Life was simple without broadband internet. People did not have any way of finding how … Conti...

Often, gaming on Windows is more popular not just because of the availability of games on that platform, but also an entire ecosystem around it. Even if games are released natively for Linux, the ecosystem on that side has limited set of tools a pro...

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