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Balena Etcher is usually the most sought after app to create a bootable disk on Linux. But it warns while attempting to burn a Windows ISO, because Windows file naming/ sizing conventions are not standard so there may be issues. On Windows, apart fro...

Imagine yourself as the developer of a beloved video game franchise. A franchise that created a revolution in narrative-driven open worlds, no matter how bad the missions design were, no matter how poorly optimised PC ports were, no matter if some we...

Operating systems are usually shipped via ISO images or disks, with the latter being just a physical version , i.e. a disk burned with the image. Mostly the ISO image need not be modified, and OS distributions often add checksums with which one can v...

KDE on Windows

on Jun 25, 2021 in: Technology

Windows 11 is just round the corner. Big Brother of Seattle would be releasing the next version of Windows very soon. While sometime back they announced Windows 10 would be the last major version to come, it seems that statement aged as bad as Bill G...


on May 29, 2021 in: Reviews, Video Games

Doom Single Player, PC (Windows, Linux Steam/ Proton), 2016 Are you a middle-aged gamer missing the fluidic pace of video games where monstrous guns tearing apart tough bosses used to put a smile on the face and you felt a sense of worthiness of your...


on May 8, 2021 in: Reviews, Video Games

Grand Theft Auto VSingle Player, PC (Windows, Linux Steam/ Proton), 2015 GTA 5 was released for PC after 2 years of “exclusivity” on Xbox and 1 year on PS. It is one of the most sold PC games of all time, and even after 6 years, Steam cha...

In this 5th part of an ongoing series, we look at Dynamic Super Resolution (beyond 1080p gaming on a budget), and Vertical Sync settings for NVIDIA graphics cards on Linux. Though it does not matter, the below settings were tested on Manjaro Linux (w...

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