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A real writer

on Jul 5, 2020

‘Oh, and there’s something I want to speak to you about, Mrs Jansen. I’m afraid Samuel didn’t like the last story you wrote.’ Oh God, this awful sinking of the heart — like going down in a lift. I knew … Cont...

The Moment

on Jul 3, 2020 in: Writing

In the murky aftermath of a breakdown, a man still at odds with himself takes flight to a cottage in rural Norfolk. There he intends to strip his life of everything trivial, everything superfluous, paring it all back to the … Continue reading &...

on Jul 1, 2020

Sometimes God, sometimes nothing. Kafka...

A good rotation

on Jun 25, 2020

Fort Dobbs is good. The Moonlite Drive-In is itself very fine. It does not seem too successful and has the look of the lonesome pine country behind the Coast. Gnats swim in the projection light and the screen shimmers in … Continue reading U...

The Moment

on Jun 25, 2020 in: Writing

Photos of the initial hard copy of my book sent to me by Daniel Davis Wood of Splice, who’s doing a superb editing job. With a blurb by the great Lars Iyer.  ...

Three o’clock and suddenly awake amid the smell of dreams and of the years come back and peopled and blown away again like smoke. A young man am I, twenty-nine, but I am as full of dreams as an ancient. … Continue reading →...

on Jun 17, 2020

Dark question: What is the capacity of a life and do I owe it to mine to fill it? I ask this of the dark, that is—the dark being all around me. Kate Colby...