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on Jan 6, 2020

One of the things we’re most afraid of in silence is this death of the periphery, the outside concerns, the place where you’ve been building your personality and where you think you’ve been building who you are, starts to atomize … Contin...

The castle opens

on Jan 1, 2020

As soon as a person appears who has something primitive about him, so that he does not say ‘One must accept the world as it is’ [. . .] but says ‘However the world is, I shall retain an originality … Continue reading →...


A moment of vision

on Dec 30, 2019 in: Writing

 Arising, as it does, from a resolute projection of oneself, repetition does not let itself be persuaded of something by what is ‘past’, just in order that this, as something which was formerly actual, may recur. Rather, the repetition m...

The pathway

on Dec 30, 2019

The hardness and smell of oakwood began to speak more distinctly of the slowness and constancy in the tree’s growth. The oak itself spoke: Only in such growth is grounded what lasts and fructifies. Growing means this: to open oneself … Co...

on Dec 28, 2019

The ordinary way of experiencing time divides it into a series of present-at-hand now-points. Experienced in this way, the now-time (Jetzt-Zeit ) is totally emptied of meaning, rendered homogeneous, repetitive, one-dimensional: it becomes a decayed v...

Being in the World

on Dec 24, 2019