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Unlikely characters

on Feb 26, 2019

GP — With computers and synthesizers available to help you create music without an instrument and its technique, what attracts you to the guitar? RF – It depends on what one’s work is. I was tone deaf and had no … Continue reading...

Generation X

on Feb 19, 2019 in: Writing

On a walk we pass a group of young people dressed in the 90s style kids are into at the moment: puffy coats, baggy jumpers, jeans cut off above the ankles, white socks and copies of trainers I recognize from … Continue reading →...

Every day I have to invoke the absent god again. When I think of great men at the great moments of history, how they caught at the things around them like holy fire and transformed everything dead and wooden, the … Continue reading →...

“Indifference” suggests more explicitly than “indifferent” a lack of feeling for or against anything: the vast indifference of the universe, for example. Or inertia where will is concerned, want of sufficient importance to constitute a differ...

The hole

on Feb 17, 2019 in: Writing

L. and M. come from Cambridge to stay for a few days. Ping pong in the community centre. Much laughter as the resident cat lies against the net batting the ball away. The happiness of being with people. When they’ve … Continue reading →...

The pier

on Feb 17, 2019 in: Writing

K., who works with S., comes up from Norwich and drives us to Southwold on the Suffolk coast. We eat dinner in a pub and walk down the dark damp pier, chilled to the bones. The yellow beam from the … Continue reading →...


on Feb 13, 2019

‘He no longer wanted a steady job as a producer of opinions. Infinity—was that not what he was seeking?’ The English translation of Havoc by Tom Kristensen, a truly great Danish novel, has been reissued after fifty years. Quote from ...