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One’s own basic Yes

on Mar 31, 2020 in: Writing

Every human being here is asked two questions of creed: first as to the credibility of this life, second as to the credibility of his goal. Both questions are answered by everyone, through the very fact of his life, with … Continue reading U...

Miniature creation myths

on Mar 27, 2020 in: Writing

We constantly refer back to the natural world to try and discover who we are. Nature is the most potent source of metaphors to describe and explain our behaviour and feelings. It is the root and branch of much of … Continue reading →...

on Mar 18, 2020

Being-there—more originary and earlier than human being as usually conceived—is the site of the play of being and the origin of its essential happening. Man, as the entry into this play, is that entity who has at each moment decided … Conti...

The Moment

on Mar 10, 2020

My book, The Moment, will be published in early 2021 by Splice. More details nearer the time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that being a teenager in late capitalist Britain is now close to being reclassified as a sickness. This pathologization already forecloses any possibility of politicization. By privatizing these problems – treating...

on Jan 6, 2020

One of the things we’re most afraid of in silence is this death of the periphery, the outside concerns, the place where you’ve been building your personality and where you think you’ve been building who you are, starts to atomize … Contin...

The castle opens

on Jan 1, 2020

As soon as a person appears who has something primitive about him, so that he does not say ‘One must accept the world as it is’ [. . .] but says ‘However the world is, I shall retain an originality … Continue reading →...