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on Jul 4, 2017 in: Writing

It’s endless, isn’t it, I ask X, the injustice is endless, the rage is endless. I’ve barely dipped my toes in it and I’m full of rage and grief and thoughts of hurricanes and floods. What you’ve done to me, … Continue reading →...

The teacher

on Jul 3, 2017 in: Writing

You had me by the throat from day one, I tell X. You’d started undermining me before I had any idea what was happening, before I had any resources to combat you or the fear you were planting in me. … Continue reading →...

I’m making a test

on Mar 18, 2017 in: Writing

I’m making a test: on the balcony is a sparrow which expects me to throw some bread from the table on to the balcony, instead of which I drop the bread beside me on the floor in the middle of … Continue reading →...

The satanic circle

on Mar 9, 2017

I began to look at everything in relation to the child. My hands, for instance, which would some day touch and hold it, our third-floor apartment, the Kandlgasse, the VII. District, the ways that one could take criss-cross through the … Continu...

Then you should know

on Feb 1, 2017 in: Writing

Do you have any empathy? I ask X. Do you? Why do you always side with them over me? Why? Listen to yourself, X says. I am, I say. Then you should know, he says.

One of these days

on Feb 1, 2017 in: Writing

One of these days I’m really gonna blow up, I tell X. One of these days when I come across a psychopath, when I come across one of those scumbags who can’t tell right from wrong, I’m gonna do something … Continue reading →...

Sure you will

on Feb 1, 2017

It’s bad again, isn’t it, I ask X, really bad. Don’t be stupid, he says. It’s bad though, isn’t it, I say, this time it’s bad. A bit, he says. A bit, I say, it’s humiliating, it’s a fucking disgrace … Continue reading →...