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Comment about current policy and politics, and how Social Policy Bonds could improve them

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Biotech: DIY disaster zone......reads the header to an article in today's Financial Times. It's a short article, but a frightening one:Biotech is now within the grasp of hobbyists who can experiment with home-brewed opiates, DIY biohacks and even a m...

Sociopathic metrics

on Jun 18, 2020

It still amazes me how badly metrics are thought out and used. I have railed for years against Mickey Mouse micro-objectives. The problem is that the metrics our governments use are invariably too narrow and short term. It seems that they are chosen...

Who really cares?

on Jun 14, 2020

The problem with the worldwide protests is simple to state, more difficult to solve: giving power to the people who say they'll help groups X and Y doesn't actually help people in groups X and Y. This is one of the few constants of history.And that i...

The Economist writes:Although the general call for "defunding" risks a backlash, the details of redirecting part of the police budget to arms of local government, such as housing or mental health, may make sense. The power of protest and the legacy o...

An honest politician

on May 26, 2020

An honest politician or Why we need to target outcomesMichael Lind quotes Jean-Claude Juncker. Jean-Claude Juncker, the prime minister of the tax haven Luxembourg who became the president of the European Commission from 2014 to 2019, described how th...

My previous post suggested that instead of disbursing covid-19 bailout funds to businesses, the UK Government could instead issue coupons to people entitling them to spend the equivalent per capita sum in particular expenditure categories. Here I wil...

[Nothing to do with Social Policy Bonds!...]Already, it looks big businesses are are preparing their appeals for bailouts from governments all over the world, to compensate for income lost because of COVID-19. And, most likely, they'll get them. Th...

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