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Comment about current policy and politics, and how Social Policy Bonds could improve them

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Speaking ahead of an address to the Munich Security Conference, [Bill Gates,] the richest man in the world said that while governments are concerned with the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, they are overlooking the threat of biologic...

New overview paper

on Feb 17, 2017

I've written a new long overview paper on Social Policy Bonds. It's about 6000 words. -- Policy as if outcomes mattered

Consensus and buy-in

on Feb 8, 2017

From the current issue of the Economist:Millennials are accustomed to tailoring their world to their preferences, customising the music they listen to and the news they consume. A system that demands they vote for an all-or-nothing bundle of elect...

From the current issue of  New Scientist:Last week, air pollution in London soared to heights not seen since 2011. The usual suspects were named and shamed, including traffic fumes and a lack of wind. But joining them was a surprising culprit. "...

Markets are means, not endsThough much of my working life was intended to promote free trade, I question most economists' adherence to it. On the grounds of freedom, I fully agree that governments have no business interfering with willing buyers' imp...

Society's long-term goals often conflict with the short-term, narrow, outlook of our political systems. As well, many of the most valuable things in life are often ignored by our economic and political systems, because they cannot readily be converte...

Sometimes we have to put aside notions of justice and fairness in order to achieve our goals:Richmond to me is a story of pragmatism ... This idea that we’re going to step away from a purely ideological, moralistic approach to try new things and se...

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