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Comment about current policy and politics, and how Social Policy Bonds could improve them

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Stefan Collini summarises the most important weaknesses of using quantifiable data - metrics - as described in Jerry Z Muller's book The Tyranny of Metrics:  Misdescription of purpose is fundamental: in the attempt to find outcomes that are meas...

The Actuary interviews Maurice Ewing, managing director of Conquer Risk: "I thought economics would be talking about 'big picture' issues, but realised that, over time, the profession  had become focused on purely academic questions. What was no...

Say no more

on Oct 25, 2018

Excerpts from two sources show just how wide the gaps between our political systems and citizens have become. First, from the UK:I looked at the Bank of England data and it was 3.5% of business lending went to manufacturing, a century or so ago that...

George Monbiot writes about the European Union's corrupt, insane Common Agricultural Policy:I’m a Remainer, but there’s one result of Brexit I can’t wait to see: leaving the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. This is the farm subsidy system t...

The finance curse

on Oct 12, 2018

Nicholas Shaxson writes about the UK's 'finance curse':A growing body of economic research confirms that once a financial sector grows above an optimal size and beyond its useful roles, it begins to harm the country that hosts it. The most obvious...

People (like me) who believe world peace is possible are often put in a box labelled 'Idealists.' So weapons continue to pile up and when we see the horrors of war on our tv screens, we sigh as though violent human conflict were inevitable. The wealt...

Giving greed a chance

on Sep 29, 2018

Looking at the scale of social and environmental problems that mankind faces, you might think that we don't have the resources necessary to make fundamental changes in the way we operate. Changes such as eliminating extreme poverty, improving health...

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