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Comment about current policy and politics, and how Social Policy Bonds could improve them

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Emotion-based policy

on Oct 12, 2017

What drives policy? And what should drive policy? Two entirely separate questions. What actually drives policy today is largely emotion, which seems to be supplanting other policy drivers, and is easily manipulated by large private- and public-sector...

There's much of interest in John Kay's presentation at the Public Hearing on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission. The key point is this:Short termism is the product of the intervention of intermediaries. Evolution of the financial system...

We're all human

on Sep 26, 2017

As Kaiser, King, and Supreme War Lord, Wilhelm II was simply bound to be central to the decision-making processin July 2014, and a heavy responsibility rests on his shoulders for the terrible catastrophe that befell the world that summer. ... "The Se...

Social Policy Bonds aren't always the best way of solving a social or environmental problem. When such a problem has a clearly identified (and universally acknowledged) cause, or set of causes, then direct action, usually done, or organised, by gover...

The Economist, in a long article about the US state of Louisiana's coastal erosion problem (much of which is caused by factors other than climate change) says: The state’s impressive coastal policy illustrates America’s ability to adapt to a na...

'When greenbacks are on offer, American schoolchildren seem to try harder': the Economist discusses how financial incentives can change test results: [R]esearchers conducted an experiment in secondary schools in Shanghai and America. In each place pu...

Incentives and health

on Aug 13, 2017 in: health

Dr James DiNicolantonio writes about the influence of the sugar industry on nutritional guidelines:Throughout the years, the effects of conflicts of interest with the sugar industry were never quantified, until a recent systematic review of systemati...

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