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This blog is about the guitar, guitarists and guitar tone: guitars, effects, amps, etc.

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on May 15, 2019

A little EP that we recorded a few months ago in mostly live conditions at the SAE studio in Sydney, with yours truly on the guitar. It features some Blues classics with a Gary Moore vibe and two originals (Expectations and Good Judgement).

IF you only watch one guitar video this year, watch this one! It’s full of tone geekery and awesome blues and funk licks. I didn’t know Kirk Fletcher before watching, what a player!

Codtone is a very cool one man boutique manufacturer based out of northern New South Wales in Australia. Not only does he craft killer pedals often based on well known circuits, he also offers something quite unique: custom etchings on his pedals. I...

I have recently acquired a Tech 21 British V2 Sansamp from the Character series. for the purpose of recording direct. Here is a quick test where I have set the British V2 quite clean and a Wampler Pinnacle is used for dirt. There is also a delay cour...

Here is a pretty good youtube series. “Pedal Power” by D’addario strings has been around for a while but Dweezil Zappa has stepped forward to host the show, and it’s pretty cool. Here is Episode 3 with Zane Carney, a pretty in...

Guitar slinger friends, I have just launched a separate Youtube channel dedicated to videos in French! The reason for it: there is a large offering of demos or general guitar and effects talk in the English speaking world, but not much so in the Fren...

Wampler Pinnacle

on Nov 6, 2016

After hearing so much about Wampler, I bought a Pinnacle a few months back. Wampler’s offering is of course not limited to drive pedals and it carries the whole gamut of effects. The Pinnacle is a “brown sound” pedal meaning it aims...