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Six Years OnOne fine eveningWith Mexican food and coffeeGrew into thisThose first tentative momentsBecame a house, with two cats and a dogA Cuisinart and a Costco membershipAnd a shared data planWith lawns (grudgingly) mowedAnd fresh baked breadAnd a...

Five Years OnAnother trip around the sunTo go along withAll the beach trips and barbecuesAll the miles and miles of stitchesAll the laughterAnd the very few tearsI never had much faithIn that myth of The OneBut we you areIn Our House (with all that e...

Four Years OnFour years.That's like 98 human years or something.And yetHere I amwaking up with Our SongPlaying on the iHead®And with your faceJust behind my eyesWhere only I can seeI long ago stopped tryingTo figure out how it wasThat fortune fav...

Three Years On Against all the odds (or maybe not... entropy is a funny thing) A humble strand of ones and zeros Deflected my trajectory by 90 degrees And brought me to you. Three years and countless cookies later If I saw a movie about us I would a...

Two Years On "Every day Is the anniversary Of something beautiful." That's what I said Last year on this day. I've never been more right Or more happy to be right. I love you Wendy. Happy Anniversary.

Raleigh, NC, USA - April 19, 2012Don't wait until May. Do it now. It's just... bad. More at my RedBubble Site!

Asheville, NC, USA - August 13, 2011What, you couldn't see that one coming? More at my RedBubble Site!