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Diary of a severely asthmatic wannabe endurance athlete

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Nebbing Stations

on Aug 1, 2016

Im sure my neb dependent friends would agree, that with nebulizer treatments being notorious time killers, incorporating some organization and convenience into the mix makes life just a little easier. For me this means neb stations in strategic locat...

Ive been posting fairly frequently, either here or on my Facebook page, about what’s been going on with my asthma treatment in the conventional sense, but a lot of people have been asking me what’s up with the lung transplant stuff. Thing...

How low can it go?

on Jun 17, 2016

Having documented a significant, but relatively slow decline in my lung function over the past decade, Ive often wondered what life must be like for other asthmatics who have a baseline FEV1 below 25%. Well, now I know. According to the last spiromet...

Music Therapy

on Jun 10, 2016 in: music

With it becoming more and more difficult for me to exercise as much as would like to, Ive gradually begun to fill some of that time void with music practice. More specifically, playing the bass. Both of these activities have become an increasingly im...

While doing some research and advocating for myself in hopes of obtaining the anti-IL-13/anti-IL drug, Dupilumab, ona compassionate use basis, I discovered that there are several other biologics in this new generation of targeted asthma therapy drugs...

If you’ve spent much time reading my blog, you’ve probably figured out that Im a huge promoter of daily exercise for people with lung disease. My favorite fitness activity of course, is distance walking. Aerobic exercise such as walking,...

Treatment overload

on Apr 11, 2016

Yes, another update about treatment options. Things seem to be changing at a lightening pace now and it’s making my head explode. Too much for an over-thinker like me to think about. Gotta slow down and literally catch my breath. So my 3rd hosp...

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