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You can expect to read practical and provocative information and get resources and tips from a workplace expert on how to assess, select, coach and retain emotionally intelligent people to achieve breakthrough business results.

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Active listening is an important skill that a leader needs to have and practice.  By being an active listener, you can make better decisions, strengthen your relationships with your team, clients, or customers, and also spot opportunities that you...

s self-employment right for you? Is 2023 the best time to start your own business? Questions like these are common right now. And the answer is: definitely, maybe. Many leaders, executives, and managers secretly wish that they were self-employed. W...

How much time and attention do you spend negotiating every day? Think about it: just getting to your work space requires negotiating activities, meals, and space (think nutrition versus convenience, after-school activities, commuter lanes, etc.) At...

What has been your recent experience with confrontations? When did you last initiate one? Confronting someone for their behavior today is no easy feat, especially when emotions are easily triggered and opinions vary. We often become quick to challen...

on Sep 23, 2022

Develop Your Mental Game As a business leader, how do you develop your mental game? Consider today’s outstanding athletes. Like outstanding business leaders and managers, they overcome obstacles, deal with set-backs, and persevere to reach their go...

on Jul 30, 2022

The Risks of Working for a People Pleasing Leader Working for someone who is a people-pleaser may seem fairly innocuous or even desirable, but such leaders pose daunting challenges for their organizations. If you work for a people-pleaser, you most..

on Jul 13, 2022

A Mindful Lesder Legacy that Endures As a leader, how will your legacy measure up? Your leadership legacy matters. It motivates people in the way they think and behave, today, and in the future. A lasting legacy sets a course:...

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