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Coach John G. Agno is your own cultural attache; keeping you abreast of what's effective in leadership. People learn better and are positively motivated when supported by regular coaching.

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The Human Lifespan

on Jun 25, 2018 in: Health, Science, Women

Average life expectancy around the world has climbed steadily over the past 100 years. But longevity seems to have topped out at about 120 years. To some researchers, this suggests there's a natural limit to how long humans can live--and...

Buzz Aldrin has walked on the moon and received the Distinguished Flying Cross in Korean War and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At 88, the former astronaut has visited the White House to discuss space exploration, and envisions humans living...

Everyone has felt bullied at some point in their lives, whether by a family member, childhood acquaintance, colleague, boss, or client. You know you have been bullied when you feel pressured, demeaned, or angered. You walked away from a negotiation..

The Manager's Answer Book: Powerful Tools to Build Trust and Teams, Maximize Your Impact and Influence, and Respond to Challenges Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem You studied economics, medicine, manufacturing, politics, sales, etc. You worked your...

In FIVE STARS, Carmine Gallo argues that mastering Aristotle's "ancient art of persuasion"--combining words and ideas to move people to action--is the competitive edge you need to stand out and get ahead in the age of artificial intelligenc...

Let's be real and honest about the work day--the feeling of seeing an email inbox that is always filled with new messages on top of older, unread messages. Now add the work day surprises--resignations, emergencies (real and fake), new minefields...

Few leaders will admit it, but time and again the growth of their organizations outruns their skills. The same approaches and capabilities that once helped them succeed in their careers no longer apply as organizational challenges get more sophistica...

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