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Coach John G. Agno is your own cultural attache; keeping you abreast of what's effective in leadership. People learn better and are positively motivated when supported by regular coaching.

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"There's a huge difference between networks and networking," says author James Millar. "Networking is often desperate and transactional; whereas networks are groups of peer we trust." While few enjoy "networking," many c...

From awareness to systems change: With the extreme weather events taking place all around the globe in recent years, few deny climate change any longer. The images of massive floods in Paris and London, shrinking ice fields on the poles,...


on Jul 23, 2018 in: Books, Communication, Success, Women

We live in a world of accelerating change that we can either tune out and avoid, or evolve with, lead and transform by awakening and expanding our minds with heightened awareness. In "CONSCIOUS: The Power of Awareness in Business and...

People who complete more formal schooling tend to be more intelligent than those who don't. IQ tests are designed so that the mean, median and mode are essentially the same, so there's no way that two-thirds of people can be...

Employee engagement has been consistently cited as a top and growing priority by CEO's, managers, and human resources leaders across the country. Yet, statistics over the past two decades continuously show that over two-thirds of all employees are &q...

The Human Lifespan

on Jun 25, 2018 in: Health, Science, Women

Average life expectancy around the world has climbed steadily over the past 100 years. But longevity seems to have topped out at about 120 years. To some researchers, this suggests there's a natural limit to how long humans can live--and...

Buzz Aldrin has walked on the moon and received the Distinguished Flying Cross in Korean War and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At 88, the former astronaut has visited the White House to discuss space exploration, and envisions humans living...

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