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The Spinoff‘s Auckland editor Simon Wilson listed his top ten picks for the 2018 Auckland Arts Festival recently. Still Life With Chickens is at 9½, alongside works by Hone Kouka, Ahi Karunaharan and Julia Croft. Nice.

It’s official: Still Life With Chickens is part of the 2018 Auckland Arts Festival. Fortress Mamea is chuffed.

Blow Out

on Oct 22, 2017

Yesterday, I found myself staring at page 37 of a script. It’s due next week. No matter how long I stared, page 37 refused to fill up with Courier 12pt. I downed tools and availed myself of the armoury: I failed to draw a happy face but I ended...

Mr Parker

on Oct 9, 2017

I’ve come some way since my unforgivable near total ignorance of Dean Parker’s oeuvre. I’ve tried to make up for it ever since. (And just as well as I’ve had the pleasure and honour of meeting him on occasion.) I’m no...

SWANZ and BSS 2018

on Oct 2, 2017 in: Film, Television

The weekend was kicked off by the New Zealand Writers Guild SWANZ Awards. The ever effervescent Nick Ward MCed the event while I did my best Vanna White impression handing him the awards as required. It was a great turn out — my evening ensemble wa...


on Sep 25, 2017 in: Running

My humble running ipod is approaching its tenth anniversary. Before I had it for musical accompaniment, I made do with whatever songs I could huff and puff to*, invariably resorting to music from films from a misspent youth. I was on an away-missio...

Firebug has made it to the quarter-finals of the 2017 Slamdance Screenplay Competition. I’m experiencing warm fuzzies.