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A New Zealand screenwriter. A blank screen. And an internet connection.

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on Jul 18, 2017

At the beginning of the month, it seemed like a pretty nifty idea to dust off an old project. I estimated a few days — a week, tops — to make it submission-ready. This first-pass of edits was not a good sign: And a fortnight has passed already.

Ella 2003–2017

on Jul 9, 2017

The Dog — actual handle Ella — was farewelled by the Mamea aiga today. She was loved, and she loved us. There’s nothing I can write here that I haven’t already written. May there be plenteous rolled roasts and Whittakers Peanut Bu...

Eleven Years

on Jul 7, 2017

Last Sunday was the eleventh anniversary of this website. I kid you not:  unless my maths is awry, we opened in 2006, our first anniversary would’ve been 2007, which means 2017 makes this site eleven. Years. Old. I’ve a few productions u...

The Handmaid’s Tale was my first Margaret Atwood book. It introduced me to her other writing. I’m a fan. So when I heard last year about this television adaptation, I was prepped and ready to hate it hate it hate it so much that I wasn&...

Home Again

on Jun 16, 2017 in: Theatre

The Lovely Wife and I have just returned from a few days south where we — saw a couple of great shows (one of which must, must, tour), I  — cue name-dropping! — schemed with Benedict Reid (yes, that Mr Reid) and Simon Boyes, soon after which...

Doors and Windows

on Jun 10, 2017

The phrase, When God closes a door, She opens a window, has been looping in my head for the past week and a half. On the last day of May I received an email telling me a project I was hoping to set up had fallen through. Within twenty minutes of rea...

Besides this website, my online presence includes Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I could be on innumerable other platforms out there but time and aptitude preclude me from being every(virtual)where. It’s the aptitude more than tim...