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A New Zealand screenwriter. A blank screen. And an internet connection.

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Tai Ho

on Feb 25, 2017 in: Comics

The excellent Toby Morris piece below calmed me down the other day. It’s much more resonant than a “Keep calm and [INSERT EXHORTATION]” meme or what-have-you. Finding the balance between knowing one’s limits and pushing beyon...

Interim Post #04

on Feb 19, 2017


It’s Who You Know II

on Feb 14, 2017

Almost a decade on from this exchange, another Name of Power came to the rescue. FORTRESS MAMEA -- FOUR WEEKS AGO PET WRITER (into telephone) Hi there, may I speak with K~, please. ... Sure. My name is David Mamea and she can...

Interim Post #03

on Feb 12, 2017

The above photo stolen by The Goddess has looked vaguely familiar for some time. Of course: By Michelangelo, Public Domain, Link...

Interim Post #02

on Feb 5, 2017


TO’ONA’I: now online

on Feb 1, 2017 in: Film

A certain short film was quietly uploaded a few years back. It’s just been moved from Unlisted to Public.

Interim Post #01

on Jan 29, 2017