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This blog is about Israel-related matters, Zionism, anti-Zionism, the general craziness of the world and Middle East in particular. Politics, satire, kind of humor, sex, whatnot.

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on Jul 15, 2017

UK Acid Attacks Skyrocket - Britain's Secret Shame  Donald Trump Jr.: Traitor!  David Brooks: Further thoughts on his discriminatory cultural arrogance  Berkeley’s Hatem Bazian – the mos...

There is a big difference between protecting freedom of speech and providing, like Berkeley does, a well paid platform for a hate preacher with academic credentials of dubious quality*.This headline might be a tad too sensationalist, I feel, but it i...

It is a long time since this here blog dabbed in the pictures of nice ladies, so... no, this is not really the reason for this picture at all. It is simply that the person in the picture is being presented as one of the more powerful tentacles of the...

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on Jul 11, 2017

Russia Russia Russia  Natalia Veselnitskaya, Magnitsky Act, Russian hackers, Putin’s tentacles, you name it… Forum: Will Media Outlets Like CNN Ever Practice Journalism Again?  Amerisclerosis...

Peter Risdon, RIP

on Jul 8, 2017

Peter and KateIt is possible to be a friend with a person you have never met. It is possible to grieve when a malady that knows no mercy takes him away.Peter's life could provide a writer with not a small amount of inspiration, but I am not going to...

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on Jul 8, 2017

[VIDEO] Being a millennial: “self-responsibility is a form of cruelty”  (Cartoon) Poor Democrats...Milking A Dead Cow!  President Trump In Poland ‘The West WIll Not be Broken’  [VIDEO] Brandon Morse gives CNN the...

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