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Biden was once open about the benefits of "good sex," but has now "tamped down his public bedroom declarations," per a new book.

Solo or mutual masturbation to orgasm has many health benefits, like improved mood and better sleep, and a reliable vibrator can help you get there.

According to David Thackeray, these kinds of reactions are normal and even expected on set — and good communication is vital for actors and the crew.

A new study on identical twins found evidence that exercise can boost sex drive for women, and eating a plant-based diet may help even more.

More millennials say sex is the most important thing in a relationship than Gen Zers, and the pandemic may be part of the reason why.

A new study suggests that we might be friskier during the holiday season, leading to more intense — and dangerous — sex.

Here is how you can know if you should move in with your partner, even if you haven't been dating a long time. A couples therapist shared the questions couples should ask.