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A (26,27,28) 29 year old gay guy exploring London and other countries where to spend our young lives before committing ourselves to a live with responsibilities and babies

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Right now above Turkey, not the bird, the country next to threatening Iran, evil evil muslims. On the plane, I have a freaking lad behind me knee-ing me with, obviously his knees, I feel like I am going to burst like Ally McBeal and slap him after ha...

when I met Adam

on Feb 19, 2013

sunset nice bench n person Originally uploaded by ander80.I like work. I used to hate going to school and high school. I loved university, but thats because I was living on my own, well with my boyfriend Adam. I met him on the 27th of September, 1999...

(Wrote this while on honeymoon, just got round to uploading it)The morning of the 26 September started with church bells sounds, coming from the iphone’s alarm. It added a flavour of what was to be expected 5 hours later. Adam couldn’t sleep well...