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The misadventures, mishaps and musings of this thirty-mumble-year-old's attempts to raise herself and a few spawns into adulthood. And to eat as much cake as possible.

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I'm stumped

on Oct 9, 2012

My daughter believes that our house is haunted. By a guy wearing purple pants with a mean face. The details are pretty new, but ever since we moved in here she has had something like this to say. Actually all the kids at one point or another have m...

I just sent an email, to a woman I have never met, with the subject line "Parent Rep Shits". Awwww...... s-h-i-R-t-s dammit. SHIRTS. And yep...this is how I am coming back from a bajillion month disappearance. Talking about typos.'ve...

It's all in my head and then I sit down at the computer or with a blank sheet of paper in front of me and suddenly none of it is right. Suddenly I have to have something to SAY. There must be a MESSAGE behind the words. It's all very exhausting. I c...