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Scottish author Jim Murdoch discusses writing, his own and other authors, and muses at length about his fascination with the perversity of language. Veering from the nostalgic to the acerbic his blog will amuse anyone with a love of language.

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on Sep 21, 2016 in: poetry

TweezersAfter you broke awayI kept finding splinterseverywhere: in the hall and in the bedand even in my heart. But you took the tweezers with you. Well what would a man do with them? 6 August 1989    It’s been almost seven years since m...

The Left-Handed Woman

on Sep 18, 2016

The Plot Never Thickens – title of a New York Times article on Handke    The Left-Handed Woman exists in two states, as a screenplay and a novella, both written by Peter Handke. Reviews of the film often say, “based on the novel by” b...


on Sep 14, 2016 in: poetry

OmnipresenceThey say that God is everywherebut I've not seen Himfor looking at you. I'm sure He's been there –I've just never noticed. He wasn't in Edinburghand neither were youbut I saw you in everything. I must get my eyes tested. 6 August 1989&n...


on Sep 11, 2016 in: poetry

The Weakest LinkA long time agosomeone bound meto the pillar of reason. It might even have been me: I can't remember now. But don't think me tamedafter all these years. When was the last time you looked at my eyes? When was the last timeyou really lo...


on Sep 7, 2016 in: poetry

The Summer of ’89(for B.) After he had goneI knew you would bein the beaver's meadow. Your eyes met mine –they were so blue –and they did not liebut I kept on looking. And the beaver worked awayagainst the river of lifeand the thieving magpiefl...


on Sep 4, 2016 in: poetry

An Artist's ImpressionIt takes a good imaginationto dress the bones of the pastand have them looking good. Memory has little to do with it. 28 July 1989 Studies published in Cognitive Neuroscience a few years back suggested that imagination is funct...


on Aug 31, 2016 in: poetry, truth

Exhuming TruthIt was there. She knew it would beif she dug deep enough. But she seemed disappointed. What did she expect to find? Nothing smells very sweetthis far down. 28 July 1989    My old whipping boy. I was brought up literally IN th...