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A personal view of nature from aboard my Narrowboat 'Quidditch'

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📖 Diary Update #45

on Aug 16, 2017

⛅21C Wednesday 15th August 2017 ~ Staying local today I began with a tour of the marina grounds before heading off across the canal to Napton Reservoir. Six Swallows resting up on the wires enjoying the morning sunshine and a distant 'cronk' o...

📖 Diary Update #44

on Aug 15, 2017

⛅23C Tuesday 15th August 2017 ~ I was inches away from damaging a Muntjac Deer, which ran out in front of me as I was entering RSPB Otmoor, Oxfordshire this morning.Sadly ~ My best effort for Brown Hairstreak!Although it was a little early in...

📖 Diary Update #43

on Aug 9, 2017

🌨15C Wednesday 9th August 2017 ~ After completing a few indoor repairs aboard the boat this morning I decided to take advantage of a break in the weather for a quick trip to Napton Reservoir!To be honest I was hoping more for a Whinchat...

📖 Diary Update #42

on Aug 8, 2017

🌨13C Tuesday 8th August 2017 ~ Draycote water, only a fifteen-minute drive from the marina and somewhere I should really visit more often. The weather today resembled something more akin to October with steady rain, the wind from the nor...

📖 Diary Update #41

on Aug 7, 2017

⛅17C Monday 7th August 2017 ~ Stayed on the local patch today, beginning at Napton-on-the-Hill and then a good trawl of the marina grounds later in the afternoon.One of eleven Spotted Flycatchers on the patch today!I checked the usual hot...

📖 Diary Update #40

on Aug 4, 2017

⛅21C Friday 4th August 2017 ~ A visit to Brandon Marsh, managing to avoid the showers during the duration of my stay!Sadly this post will deal mostly with the negatives of Brandon Marsh, which if I was making a list seems to be growing by the...

📖 Diary Update #39

on Jul 28, 2017

⛅17C Friday 28th July 2017 ~ I joined Jim Timms this morning just before 9 am at Ryton Woods. Jim wanted to try for White-letter Hairstreak butterfly, a species which has thus far this year eluded him, while my target was a Wood White, needles...