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Ruth Hall ArtRuth Hall Art

Fine art by Ruth Hall

A poet's BlogA poet's Blog

UK and international poet Roger N Taber shares his thoughts & poems on ...

Diary Of A Nature & Wildlife PhotographerDiary Of A Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Weekly journal of nature and wildlife photographer Kinsey Barnard. When not...

A New Life in Costa RicaA New Life in Costa Rica

Waking each day and living a new life in a foreign country

As tu du feux?non mais j'ai du beurre de peanut.As tu du feux?non mais j'ai du beurre de peanut.

Life in the upper-laurentians, Quebec.

Mayukh's PhotoblogMayukh's Photoblog

capturing the best moments

Our Plot at Green Lane allotmentsOur Plot at Green Lane allotments

Read about the ups and downs of gardening on our allotment plot in West Yor...


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These are scenes from our garden. Enjoy.

Conservation Metrics uses machine learning technology to identify where California red-legged frogs live better than ever before.

Brooks Falls in Alaska's Katmai National Park is the best place in the world to watch brown bears feasting on salmon as they swim upstream to spawn. Here's a wonderful live nature cam from EXPLORE, the world's largest live nature cam network.

Ahhhh, finally. Evil Week 2020 is now upon us at Lifehacker; a week in which all the morally questionable hacks we’ve wanted to write about all year are, for one week, fair game. We need this. We deserve this.Read more...

There are many time-lapse security cam clips around of spiders building webs but this one is particularly striking to me because of the angle, lighting, and sound. It feels like an avant-garde art film from the 1960s or an industrial band's music vid...

While kayaking in the waters off Northern Norway, Kari Schibevaag had a close encounter with several humpback whales. Berthold Hinrichs, who captured the footage, told Storyful the "whales were playing around after a good meal herring…then they are...

From the wonderful, weird "pond scum" Instagram account of Jam's Germs: Lacrymaria olor is a beautifully named single-celled organism, its name means "tears of a swan". So poetic, and if my fiancée agrees I wanna name my daughter, Jane Lacrymaria...