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Blog and portfolio of a web developer and designer from the UK. Includes tutorials and general digital findings from my day-to-day life.

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O型の人はタフネスです。 もともとO型という血液型が、血液型の中で最も古く、過酷な環境下を生き抜くのに適している血液型と言えます。 そのため生命力に溢れ、戦うことも厭わない...

A New Kind of Game Jam

on May 26, 2013 in: Blog, Ideas

Recently I got into a long discussion with my good friend (and awesome audio engineer) David Manuel about what could be done to encourage innovation in today’s games industry. Companies tend to stick with what they know in order to … Cont...

Tired of jumping between different languages when working on new projects? Looking to reuse your game engine across many different platforms with no extra porting effort? Haxe is an open source write-once build-anywhere language and compiler develope...