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A daily comment in verse....... doggerel, lyric, juvenile, nonsense, political, satirical, contemplative, whatever. Responding to memes of every color and description!

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on Jan 2, 2014

 Vasler baby 2012A musical trio cleverly fashionedRising up out of a book.We view it with awe and you'll hear us all saying'I just wonder how long that took!'Who was the first to consider this craft-work?I'd never have tried it myself.How fortun...


on Feb 27, 2013

FINALEBrenda Bryant is indisposed.RINKLY RIMES, therefore, is closed.Thanks for all the many timesYou kept me going with my rhymes.She may return, or she may not;Glance, sometimes, at this Blogging spot.

November Song

on Feb 26, 2013

I wonder how many people are left to recall this hauntingly melancholy song.I've changed the words to suit my own mood.NOVEMBER SONG.The time was very short from May to NovemberAnd it's coming soon, the chill of December.And sunny days decrease and t...


on Feb 10, 2013

Rinkly rimes is temporarily suspended due to Brenda recently suffering a stroke.  She is on the mend and will back rhyming soon.Dictated by Brenda to her daughter...


on Feb 6, 2013

TETCHYWe all know someone tetchy,Someone who's touchy too,Someone very easily riledWho bridles out of the blue.This man is clearly sulking,Someone's spoken out of turn.He could have turned the other cheek But such people never learn.'Tch-tch' is...

HINT OF TRUTHIt's just a throwaway line, that's meant to make us laughAnd yet a hint of truth is there as well.Pretending we don't care is often the way to goIf someone makes our life a living hell.A bully only enjoys his 'craft' if he can get 'resul...

                                      Brenda BryantTAKE THE COLOURTake the colour from the picture and see the shapes appear.Suddenly the patterns are made...