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It's refreshing to have some newness from Written On Your Psyche.  It has been about a few years since their last album and it's always awesome when the sounds stay true to their name.  'Mountain Breeze' has 4 tracks plus 1 bonus track. &nb...

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Jef Cablog of Baguio City, Philippines.  His oil work of indigenous Filipinos really caught my eye.  Partly because I am of indigenous Filipino blood and because I rarely see it represented.  His paintings really are magical and filled...

Nikita Gill understands me!Link ☾:

As a (retired) makeup artist, I obviously am still obsessed with makeup.  I try and look for so many other companies besides what is trending and what is sold in Sephoras.  I'm antisocial, I enjoy online shopping.  I love companies tha...


on Aug 17, 2016 in: Art, Artist

Totally rad and intricate wood carvings.  Swooning!Link ☾: