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All five former living presidents of the U.S. have banded together to support people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The group launched a joint appeal Thursday, and they're seeking donations for those in need across the Gulf Coast. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Fall...

In a statement on Facebook Obama pretends that DACA was a permanent solution. The post Was Barack Obama Lying When He Called DACA a ‘Temporary Stopgap?’ appeared first on RedState.

Democrats are wailing about how unfair it is to wind up the illegal DACA amnesty program but it's their fault this happened to begin with! The post On DACA, Obama and the Democrats are Culpable With Trump appeared first on RedState.

Donald Trump is still saying he's a uniter -- someone able to bring all the races together in harmony. But the public doesn't believe him. In fact, they think he has done the worst job of trying to fix race relations than any of the last four preside...

(Department of Defense photo of a combined patrol in Afghanistan.)The war in Afghanistan will soon be 16 years old -- and is already the longest war the United States has ever fought. It was started by George W. Bush to apprehend and punish Osama bin...

There are not enough faces and palms to properly react to this. The post Can we not? Animated Sitcom Featuring Crimefighters ‘Barry and Joe’ in Development appeared first on RedState.

Former President Barack Obama has been out of the public eye for the most part since Donald Trump’s inauguration. He’s been on a long vacation (roughly eight and a half years), but now he seems ready to get back into the fray. His goal?