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Under pressure, hedge funds are cutting better deals for those who stick around, a stark change in an industry known for minting billionaires overnight.

In Silicon Valley, executives are having to explain why they continue to do business with the billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who donated $1.25 million to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

The billionaire investor said a new firm he opened may begin raising cash from outside investors in early 2018.

The National Labor Relations Board has challenged some parts of the employee contracts at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, including the confidentiality agreement.

Despite the denials of its new CEO, Wells Fargo had a serious, widespread cultural problem that led it to commit at least 2,000,000 financial crimes. But the crimes and the culture are widespread across America's banks, and they spread further than t...

Ides Capital, led by Dianne McKeever, aims to shake up boards at floundering firms, but it’s also tackling the “boys’ club” mentality it says holds companies back.

The German bank’s shares in the United States tumbled 6.7 percent for the day, after falling as much as 9 percent, in unusually heavy trading.