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We shove Alinksky’s fifth rule — “ridicule is man’s most potent wea...

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He's her polar opposite and would be perfect for the job. The post Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw Says He’ll Debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared first on RedState.

A solid plan. The post Rand Paul Has the Perfect Solution to the SOTU Problem…How About No Pelosi Involvement At All? appeared first on RedState.

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. The post Ben Sasse’s Anti-Bigotry Resolution Is a Sign of the Danger Christians Are In appeared first on RedState.

Allow me to correct this asinine assertion. The post MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Claims “There Isn’t a Strain of Racism On the Left,” So Perhaps She Can Explain The Following Examples appeared first on RedState.

House Democrats didn't waste any time. It's only a couple of weeks since they gained control of the House of Representatives, and they have introduced a bill to significantly raise the minimum wage. The bill (titled the "Raise the Wage Act of 2019) w...

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are not getting paid right now because the government is shut down. By now, you’ve read dozens of versions of that sentence over the last month, but as the shutdown stretches longer and longer, it gets more...

Now she is concerned about security. The newly re-minted Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, now is concerned about security in America. No, not at the border but at the Capitol where she hangs out for her day job. According to USA Today… House...