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Donald Trump confronts mathematics in a head-on freight-train-sewage-truck collisionThe post Donald Trump Admits That He Doesn’t Understand How Opinion Polls Work (Full Audio) appeared first on RedState.

Here's some more bad news for the Republican Party. Congressional Republicans want to give the rich (and the corporations) more tax cuts. They want to continue letting corporations export American jobs. They oppose raising the minimum wage. They want...

Stupid is as stupid doesThe post FINALLY. Donald Trump Weighs In On the Supreme Court Abortion Ruling appeared first on RedState.

Finding myself looking to Mitch McConnell and John McCain for validation makes me want to set myself on fireThe post Is the GOP Leadership Signaling They Are On Board With A Dump Trump Convention? (VIDEO) appeared first on RedState.

The Peter Principle on steroids and using PCP and methThe post When the Benghazi Phone Rang At 3AM, Hillary Clinton Was Obsessed Over What Clothing the Marines Should Wear appeared first on RedState.

Jeet Heer explains that Republicans fell for Trump because of years of conservative policy that told them science, reason and skepticism were bad. Put simply, they were primed to be suckers: “It’s very possible that I could be the first president...

When the reek of flopsweat gets between a politician and national television exposure you know there is a real problem.The post What If They Gave A Convention And No One Came? appeared first on RedState.